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Demand Increases for Face Shields

Demand Increases for Face Shields

Posted by BK on 6th Oct 2020

Canadian business owners and individuals alike are looking for better COVID-19 protection. While face masks have their place, we’ve seen an increase in demand for face shields. What’s the difference? And is now the time to add face shields to your COVID-19 protection mix?

The Differences Between Face Masks and Face Shields

Face masks and face shields are types of face coverings typically used in healthcare settings. Here are some of the differences.

Face masks cover the nose and mouth and are attached to the face using ear loops or ties. Citizens are encouraged to wear cloth face masks to conserve the more scarce surgical and N95 face masks for healthcare and essential workers. Face masks offer varying level of filtration with N95s being the most efficient. However, the use of face masks during the pandemic is intended to keep respiratory droplets from spreading from the wearer. They aren’t intended to protect the wearer but rather to protect others. With many asymptomatic individuals, it’s possible to spread COVID-19 to others while being completely unaware that you’re COVID-19 positive.

Face shields cover the nose, mouth, and eyes, all of which are prime locations for the coronavirus to infect you. Face shields are worn with an adjustable headband. A thick piece of foam keeps the plastic shield off of your face. The shield extends from the top of your head to below your chin and curves around slightly toward your ears. With face masks, the eyes are completely exposed. With face shields, the clear plastic shield blocks the virus. You can wear a face shield alone or in combination with a face mask.

Face shields offer greater protection to the wearer while also helping to protect others from the wearer’s respirator droplets. In addition, because they are clear, facial expressions can be seen. This helps improve communication, makes for a more friendly appearance, and helps the deaf community who rely on lip reading.

Where to Get Face Shields in Canada

DuraFast Label Company sells COVID-19 protection products including clear, reusable face shields. Sold in packs of 20, our face shields are a popular choice for Canadian businesses of all types including healthcare, warehousing, personal care, retail, governmental, and industrial businesses. If you interact with others, face shields are an important piece of personal protective equipment. Order COVID-19 face shields today.