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Godex Mobile Printers

Welcome to DuraFast Label Company’s Godex Mobile Printers page! Unveil the prowess of mobility in printing with the GoDEX MX30 and MX30i. Perfectly designed for those who need to take their printing tasks on the go, these mobile printers are not only compact but packed with features that make mobile printing a breeze.

GoDEX MX30 Mobile Printer

Power-Packed Performance in a Compact Design

The GoDEX MX30 Mobile Printer is the perfect ally for those who need reliable printing in any environment. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the MX30 ensures longer uptime so you don't have to worry about running out of power mid-task. With a design that's both water and dust resistant, meeting the IP54 standard, it’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The MX30 fits 1.5” to 3” label rolls, making it an incredible asset for retail, storage, and parking lot applications.

  • Supports multiple label width & types
  • Easy "Drop & Fit" label installation design
  • Water and dust resistant, adhering to IP54 standards
  • Wired (RS232 and USB) and wireless (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) connectivity options

GoDEX MX30i Mobile Printer

Enhanced Mobile Printing with Intuitive Display

The GoDEX MX30i takes mobile printing to the next level with an embedded LED panel that displays messages, ensuring you are always in control. Like its counterpart, the MX30, the MX30i is powered by a lithium-ion battery and boasts a water/dust resistant and shatterproof design. What sets the MX30i apart is its intuitive LED display with three buttons for seamless operation. It’s an exemplary tool for professionals who require a reliable, portable, and easy-to-use printing solution.

  • Supports multiple label width & types
  • Simple "Drop & Fit" label installation design
  • Intuitive LED display with 3 buttons for easy operation
  • Water and dust resistant, meeting IP54 standard
  • Wired (RS232 and USB) and wireless (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) connectivity options

Experience the next level of efficiency and convenience with GoDEX MX30 & MX30i mobile printers, your ultimate companions in the world of mobile printing.