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Inkjet Labels by DuraFast Label Company

Discover the unparalleled quality of DuraFast Label Company's Inkjet Labels. Whether you require robust, long-lasting DuraFast Chemical Labels, or labels suitable for Epson, Primera, Afinia, VIPColor, or NeuraLabel printers, our wide-ranging inventory has got you covered. Find your perfect match within our broad selection of blank inkjet labels and tags, or request a bespoke sample kit tailored to your needs today.

Epson Inkjet Labels

Our comprehensive array of Epson Inkjet Labels is designed specifically to be compatible with a multitude of Epson printers, including GP-C831, TM-C3400, TM-C3400-LT, TM-C7500, TM-C7500G, TM-C3500, CW-C6000, and CW-C6500. Offering a variety of types and finishes like Matte, High Gloss, Matte Polypropylene, and Chemical Labels (GHS BS5609), we can even create custom-sized labels to meet all your Epson inkjet labeling requirements.

Primera Inkjet Labels

Our catalogue includes a wide range of die-cut and continuous labels designed for Primera printers, such as LX400, LX500 / LX550c, LX900 (LX810), LX910, and LX2000. We offer a plethora of sizes and substrates, and can custom-make die-cut labels to perfectly match your Primera Technology color label printer.

Afinia Inkjet Labels

Our Afinia label collection is designed to work seamlessly with Afinia label printers, encompassing Afinia Memjet printers, Afinia L801, Afinia L301, Afinia L501, L502, Afinia L701, and Afinia L901 color label printers.

VIPColor Inkjet Labels

Browse through our vast selection of labels compatible with VIPColor printers, which include models VP485, VP495, VP600, and VP700. Furthermore, we can custom design labels to cater to your unique product labeling needs.

NeuraLabel Inkjet Labels

We offer GHS BS5609 compliant labels designed specifically for NeuraLabel label printers like the 300x. Additionally, our range includes paper-based matte and high-gloss labels ideal for standard product labels.

Dye Inkjet Labels

Our Dye Inkjet Labels are crafted to work in harmony with vibrant dye-based inks, resulting in stunning, eye-catching colors that are perfect for 'prime' product labels. Dye inks work optimally with glossy topcoats, rendering bright and attractive prints that are sure to catch the eye.

Pigment Inkjet Labels

Designed to work with durable pigment inks used in Epson ColorWorks printers, our Pigment Inkjet Labels offer unmatched durability and resistance to fading, smudging, or smearing. They are widely used in various sectors for industrial labels, horticulture labels, and chemical labels. In particular, our Chemical Labels, printed exclusively with pigment inks, are GHS BS5609-compliant and provide chemical resistance. Always remember, pigment inks tend to perform better with matte topcoats.
We encourage you to explore further information about the printers we supply, the inks they use, and our label recommendations for achieving superior results. Select the perfect inkjet labels for your business from our extensive range today.

Learn more about the printers we sell, the inks they use, and the labels we recommend for best results.  


Printer Model

Ink Type

Best Labels

Other labels that may work but should be tested to see if they meet your requirements

Epson TM-C3500

Pigment (DURABrite Ultra)

Matte Paper, HG Paper, Matte BOPP, Chemical

Glossy BOPP, Clear

Epson TM-C7500

Pigment (DURABrite Ultra)

Matte Paper, HG Paper, Matte BOPP, Chemical

Glossy BOPP,


Epson TM-C7500G

Pigment (UltraChrome DL)

Matte Paper, HG Paper, Matte/Glossy BOPP, White/Gold/Silver Polyester, Clear, Chemical


Primera LX400/LX500


Matte Paper, HG Paper, Matte/Glossy BOPP, White/Clear/Gold/Silver Polyester


Primera LX900/LX910


Matte Paper, HG Paper, Matte/Glossy BOPP, White/Clear/Gold/Silver Polyester


Primera LX1000/LX2000


Matte Paper, HG Paper, Matte BOPP, Chemical

Glossy BOPP, Polyester