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swift-color-logo.jpgSwiftColor Digital Inkjet Color Label Printers

DuraFast Label Company now carries SwiftColor inkjet color label printers in Canada. SwiftColor label printers are notable for their Canon bubble inkjet print head technology that quickly disperses ink at 1200 dpi in a single pass. Offered in several sizes, SwiftColor label printers are suitable for any number of applications.

SwiftColor Dye-Based Label and Card Printers

The dye inks used in SwiftColor’s dye-based label printers produce vibrant colors at 1200dpi, producing labels suitable for customer-facing applications such as event tickets and product labels. SwiftColor’s dye-based color inkjet label printers are available in 2-inch and 4-inch sizes.

-     SwiftColor SCC-2000D — Accepting 2-inch wide media including card stock and plastic cards, the SCC-2000D is a visitor and badge printer capable of printing 50 cards per minute at 1200 dpi. The speed of the SwiftColor SCC-2000D high resolution coupled with its high resolution, full color printouts makes it ideal for printing visitors passes, employee IDs, and event tickets on demand.

-     SwiftColor SCL-4000D — With its 4-inch print width, the SwiftColor SCL-4000D produces beautiful, full color product labels on demand. The size and print quality make the SCL-4000D a natural choice for producing your own wine bottle labels and product labels in-house. Its compact footprint and speed add to its appeal.

SwiftColor Pigment-Based Color Label Printers

Pigment inks tend to be less vibrant, but much more durable, than dye inks. Thus, the labels produced with pigment ink label printers are much more durable and weather resistant. SwiftColor uses pigment inks in the following color label printers:

-     SwiftColor SCL-2000P — The SCL-2000P color label printer produces 2-inch labels such as medicine labels, cosmetics labels, essential oils labels, and wristbands.

-     SwiftColor SCL-4000P — The SCL-4000P color label printer produces labels up to 4 inches wide. This pigment ink label printer is suitable for printing chemical labels, GHS labels, carton box labels, healthcare labels, and laboratory labels.

-     SwiftColor SCL-8000P — The SCL-8000P color label printer produces labels up to 8 inches wide. With its pigment inks and larger media size, the SCL-8000P is ideal for printing GHS labels, chemical labels, and larger format labels that may be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Whether you need a high speed, high resolution color product label printer, ID badge printer, or GHS chemical label printer, SwiftColor has several dye and pigment-based inkjet color label printers to choose from. Explore the SwiftColor product line or request free sample labels now. 

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