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Thermal Transfer Tire Labels

4x7 tire label for winter storeDurable and Reliable Labeling Solutions for Tires

At Durafast Label Company Canada, we provide top-quality thermal transfer printable tire labels, designed specifically for the automotive industry. Our labels are crafted from robust aluminized polyester facestock, ensuring high durability and preventing adhesive leakage. Ideal for Canadian automotive service centers, these labels offer a reliable method for tracking tires stored during different seasons.

Optimized for Leading Printers

Our tire labels are compatible with all major brands of Industrial and Desktop thermal transfer barcode label printers, including Zebra, Toshiba, Printronix, TSC, Godex, Citizen, Brother, and Honeywell. This wide compatibility ensures seamless integration into your existing labeling systems, making them a versatile choice for any setup.

Special Adhesive for Tire Surfaces

The specialized adhesive on our tire labels is specifically designed to adhere securely to the rubber surface of automobile tires. This feature guarantees that the labels remain attached throughout the storage period, providing a dependable solution for tire management and identification.

Available Tire Label Options

Why Choose Durafast Tire Labels?

Choosing Durafast Label Company for your tire labeling needs means opting for reliability and efficiency. Our labels not only meet the tough demands of tire storage and handling but also contribute to streamlined operations with their easy-to-print feature. Whether you are tracking tires for seasonal changes or managing inventory, our tire labels are the perfect tool to ensure smooth operation and accurate tracking.

Contact Durafast Label Company Canada today to learn more about our tire label solutions and how they can enhance your tire management system.

FAQ: What's a Good Printer for Printing a Small Quantity of Tire Labels for My Automobile Shop?

Question: I run a small automobile shop and need to print tire labels. What's a good printer option for printing small quantities?

Answer: For printing fewer than 500 tire labels per day, a desktop thermal transfer printer is an excellent choice. These printers are perfect for smaller operations and can handle your labeling needs efficiently. We specifically recommend the following printer package for creating your own tire labels:

For businesses anticipating larger production needs, we recommend the following industrial printer and ribbon package:

If you already have a thermal barcode printer, let us know the brand and model, and we will be happy to provide you with a sample ribbon to produce the best tire labels for your needs.