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Seiko Direct Thermal Labels sells Seiko SLP620 & SLP650 Thermal Labels. Print Your Own Address Labels and More..

The Seiko Smart Label Printers include models SLP620, SLP650 and SLP650SE. There are many different kinds of labels available that can be printed with these state of the art printers, with various label applications to meet your needs. These three printers use the same labels for your convenience. 

Seiko SLP620 (Seiko Smart Label Printer 620)

This sleek and simple design is not only affordable, it's versatile. It has the ability to take on all your most complex label printing needs, no matter how many you want to print. All you have to do is connect the printer with a USB to your PC or Mac featuring Windows, Linux or Mac OS. The Seiko SLP620 comes with a three-year limited warranty for your peace of mind. You'll appreciate the user-friendly design making it easy to load up your labels and change them as needed. Smart Label software for this model supports the Microsoft Office Suite, so you can format, print and save any label at any time. 

Seiko SLP650 (Seiko Smart Label Printer 650)

This label printer gives you even more speed and even better resolution, giving you all the perks of the Seiko SLP 620 label printer, with the added benefit of 300 DPI resolution. You get a whopping four-inches-per-second printing performance resulting in specialty label printing. Use this printer for address, shipping, file folder and multipurpose labels, as well as name tags. If you're looking to ship many packages, use the Smart Label Tray in conjunction with this printer and handle your volume shipping needs with ease. It's more affordable when you buy in bulk, as you get 900 labels in each roll. 

Seiko SLP650SE (Seiko Smart Label Printer 650 SE)

With even better adaptability, the Seiko SLP650SE gives you all the perks you love about the Seiko SLP650, with a bonus of a serial port to prolong your legacy systems.

Design and Print Your Own Labels

If you'd like to design your own labels, check out the Smart Label Printer software, where you customize text, graphics and bar codes. You can even upload images from your desktop files or copy and paste from your clipboard. Making personalized name tag labels with this software allows you to capture images right from the camera on your computer. Don't mess around with special label sheets or templates that just don't address what you need. Instead, rely on Seiko Instruments' technology, which does away with the need for messy ink, toner or ribbons. From appointment cards and media labels to retail and security labels, Seiko has your business needs covered. 

It's easy to utilize your Smart Label Printers' software make your own completely unique label. Prepare them the way you want -- simply choose your desired font, then import graphics and even incorporate bar codes. All the printing can fit on one label. Order rolls of address labels in any color or amount you wish, whether you want 130 labels or 1,000. Media labels come in anything from 35 Slide to 8mm and cassette labels. Multipurpose labels come in a variety of shapes and colors, from circular to clear to white, with the ability to adapt to any project you may have. Security labels come in 3" Tab Expiring Labels, 4" Tab Expiring Labels and even Tamper Proof Labels. Any label you choose -- from removable shipping labels and media labels to appointment cards and receipt paper -- can work in conjunction with the above printers.