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Mobile Printers & Inks

Sales people, real estate agents, notary publics, brokers, account representatives, field technicians, home health workers, and other mobile professionals can benefit from a mobile printer. These compact, portable printers pair beautifully with a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone in the field, allowing you to print sales materials, contracts, loan documents, invoices, and other documents when away from the office.

While there are many mobile printers on the market, the best mobile printer is the one that you’ll actually take with you. Ideally, your portable printer will be lightweight and compact so that you can comfortably slip it into a briefcase or messenger bag.

Usability is the next concern. Is the portable printer easy to set up and use? Are there lots of cables to manage or can you print wirelessly? Is it fast enough to print the documents you need while interacting with clients?

You’ll want your portable printer to get the job done with minimal fuss and with outstanding print quality. If you plan on using the printer in a car or where access to a power outlet may be limited, choose an Epson portable printer with a built-in or external battery pack.

Printing to a mobile printer is much like printing to any other printer. In some cases, you’ll connect your laptop to the printer via a USB cable. However, many printers, including the Epson mobile printer, have wireless connectivity so you can print wirelessly.

Another consideration when choosing a mobile printer involves choosing between colour or monochrome printers. This choice will depend in large part on the type of documents you will be printing. For example, if the portable printer will be used to print sales contracts only, monochrome should be just fine. On the other hand, if you’ll be printing marketing materials, presentations, or reports, a portable colour printer would be a better choice.

DuraFast Label Company sells several outstanding portable printers along with accessories and mobile ink cartridges. Check out our selection below and find the best mobile printer for you.