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Label Makers, Printers & Tapes

Unleash the power of organization and efficiency with our range of label makers and tapes. These indispensable tools can transform your workspace into a well-organized, smoothly functioning environment. Our selection includes barcode and address label printers, enabling quick and precise label printing for a myriad of applications. Choosing the right label maker can seem daunting with the multitude of options available. We simplify this process by providing a wide array of portable label makers and tapes from the industry's top brands. Our lineup includes Epson LabelWorks PX label makers, Seiko label makers, Brother label makers, Dymo label makers, and more. Regardless of your needs - a portable label printer, a shipping label printer, or a professional bulk label maker - we have a solution tailored for you.

Empowering Canadian Businesses with Label Makers

Label makers offer a significant advantage to Canadian businesses, aiding in efficient item identification and inventory management. Our varied label machines and tapes are designed for diverse applications. Most label makers employ thermal transfer technology along with label tapes, ensuring a user-friendly operation. Take, for example, the unique Epson LabelWorks LW5010PX bulk label maker that utilizes bulk LabelWorks PX tapes, while some Brother and Seiko printers adopt direct thermal technology and employ their own brand labels instead of tapes. Your perfect label maker is determined by your unique needs. Here's a quick guide to help you decide:

  • Shipping and Address Labels: Frequent shippers can benefit from address label printers, and Brother, a leader in small office label makers, offers various shipping label printers, including the sought-after Brother QL800 label machine.
  • Barcode Labels: Ensure your chosen label printer supports the type of barcodes (1D or 2D) that your business employs.
  • Inventory Identification: Enhance your stock management with quick identification, easily achieved with a small Dymo label maker, Brother label maker, or any Epson LabelWorks label makers.
  • Garment Identification: Label makers that accept iron-on fabric tapes, like Epson LabelWorks PX label makers, are perfect for labeling uniforms, linens, or other garments.
  • Machinery and Asset Tags: For labeling machinery or equipment, consider metal tags using the Dymo Rhino M1011, or Epson LabelWorks PX tapes with robust adhesive.
  • Usage Location: Depending on your work environment, opt for handheld barcode label printers with features like rechargeable batteries, magnetic mounts, hot keys, and carrying cases for field technicians or delivery drivers. If you're using it primarily in production or shipping areas, a shipping label printer might be more suitable.

Additional factors include portability, power management, and connectivity. Choose from portable label makers, those with rechargeable or standard batteries, with AC or USB power options, with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. You also have options in keyboard layouts, label editing capabilities, and brand preference for labels and tapes. At DuraFast Label Company, we provide an extensive range of label makers and tapes from leading brands like Brother, Dymo, Epson, and Seiko, catering to a wide audience across Canada, including businesses, manufacturers, wineries, schools, non-profits, and churches.

Brother Label Makers & Tapes

Reliable and versatile, Brother Label Makers offer a variety of solutions for diverse needs, while Brother Tapes are known for their durability and varied options in color and size.

Dymo Label Makers, Labels & Tapes

Dymo Label Makers stand for ease and convenience, serving both home users and businesses. Dymo labels and tapes offer compatibility and variety, meeting all your application needs.

Epson LabelWorks Label Makers & Tapes

Epson LabelWorks Label Makers provide a wide range of features for all your labeling needs. Epson's LabelWorks tapes ensure durable and high-quality labels that can withstand various conditions.

Seiko Label Makers & Labels

Seiko Label Makers deliver high-speed, professional-grade results, ideal for mailing, shipping, and administrative tasks. Seiko labels ensure excellent print quality and ease of use. Explore our selection to find the ideal label maker for your needs or reach out to us for personalized advice. At DuraFast Label Company, we equip you with the right labeling solution.