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Linerless Direct Thermal Labels

What Are Linerless Labels?

Blank labels typically have a liner, which is later disposed of once the labels have been removed. Linerless labels do not have a liner, making them more convenient to work with and allowing for more labels per roll. To ensure that the adhesive linerless labels do not stick to themselves on the roll, the label facestock is coated with a silicone coating that allows the labels to easily release from the roll. Thus, when in roll form, the labels temporarily stick to themselves. Once removed from the roll, they can be applied to an object.

Why Choose Linerless Labels?

Linerless labels offer several advantages overs labels on a liner including the following:

  • More labels per roll — Since there’s no bulky liner taking up space, more labels can fit on the same size roll.
  • Lower shipping costs — If you typically buy label rolls by the case, your shipping costs could go down as there will be about twice as many labels per case with linerless labels. Likewise, there’s less weight per label roll, affecting shipping costs.
  • Less waste — There’s no liner to manage and dispose of when you choose linerless labels.
  • Less storage space needed — You’ll have roughly half as many label rolls to store with linerless labels as opposed to traditional labels which take up more space.
  • A safer work environment — Label liners tend to accumulate on the production floor causing a potential fall hazard until the liner has been gathered and removed.
  • Less downtime for label roll switchovers — With about 40 percent more labels per roll, you’ll spend less time switching label rolls.

Use Cases for Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are commonly used for a variety of labeling applications such as:

  • Warehousing and logistics labels
  • Retail pricing labels
  • Food service labels
  • Hospitality labels
  • Lab specimen labels
  • Hospital and health care labels
  • Shipping labels
  • Delivery labels

Linerless Label Rolls for Zebra, Epson, Intermec, SATO, and GoDEX Linerless Label Printers

Linerless label printers accept label media without a paper liner. DuraFast Label Company has a large inventory of direct thermal linerless label rolls manufactured specifically for direct thermal label printers from leading manufacturers such as Zebra, Epson, Intermec, SATO, GoDEX, and many others.

For example, the GoDEX DT4L linerless label printer can work with all of our linerless label rolls that have 1” or 1.5” cores and a maximum 5” roll diameter (5” OD). Most of our linerless label rolls have 1” cores and 4” OD. Plus, the GoDEX DT4L can hold linerless media ranging from 1” to 4.33” wide. The maximum print width of the DT4L linerless printer is 4.25”. We can also do permanent or removable adhesive, depending on your requirements.

We have linerless label rolls that can be used with the following linerless label printers:

  • Datamax RL3e linerless printer
  • Digi Zebra Bizerba Electronic Scale Printer
  • Epson TM-L90 linerless printer
  • Epson TM-T88 linerless printer
  • GoDEX DT4L linerless printer
  • Intermec PB32 direct thermal portable linerless printer
  • Intermec PB50 portable linerless label printer
  • SATO CL408NX linerless printer (WWCL00461)
  • SATO PW2NX linerless printer
  • Toshiba B-FV4D linerless printer
  • TSC Alpha-2R linerless printers
  • Zebra ZQ310 linerless Printer
  • Zebra ZQ520 portable linerless label printer
  • Zebra ZQ610 portable linerless printer and Zebra ZQ610 healthcare linerless printer
  • Zebra ZQ620 portable linerless printer
  • Zebra QLn420 portable linerless printer
  • And many more…

Browse the selection below to find continuous linerless labels in various widths, with permanent or removable adhesive. Our standard linerless labels are available with an outside diameter of 5 inches and a 1.0-inch core. If you need a non-standard size, we can make custom linerless labels on request.