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Warehouse Floor Labels

What Are Warehouse Floor Labels?

DuraFast Label Company in Canada specializes in the production of high-quality warehouse floor labels, leveraging some of the most advanced machines and equipment. Designed to withstand the tough conditions of distribution centers, our barcode floor labels are unparalleled in durability. They are engineered for ease of use, optimal readability, and scanning efficiency, with careful consideration to size and placement to minimize impact damage. Our adhesive barcode labels come in both mono and full color prints, tailored to meet unique customer requirements.

What is the toughest warehouse floor label?

At DuraFast Label Company, we manufacture synthetic warehouse floor labels that set the standard for durability. Once applied and protected with our "Label Armor" floor label protector, these labels withstand the heavy foot and vehicle traffic typical in warehouse environments, ensuring that your barcode labels remain scannable at all times.

Warehouse Floor Labels and Maintenance

Concerned about dirty and unscannable labels? Our "Label Armor" floor label protector is the solution. Designed for easy cleaning, it ensures your barcode labels remain scannable, maintaining efficiency in your warehouse operations.

Label Armor – Floor Label Protectors

"Label Armor" revolutionizes the durability of floor labels against pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This self-adhesive protector, available with optional colored frames, is designed to safeguard labels applied to floors, doors, and walls. Its textured, anti-slip surface adds an extra layer of safety and durability, making "Label Armor" an essential addition to any label needing protection from wear and tear.

Label Armor – A Multi-Surface Solution

"Label Armor" is not just for floors. This versatile solution can be applied to interior and exterior doors, bulk locations, staging lanes, totes, walls, walkways, stairways, and shipping docks, providing a durable and protective cover to labels in various high-traffic areas.

Label Armor – Stock Sizes & Custom Options

Available in half letter and full letter sizes, "Label Armor" fits a range of labeling needs. For those requiring a more tailored solution, custom sizes and colors are also available. Contact us to explore the possibilities for your unique requirements.

Applying Warehouse Floor Labels with LABEL ARMOR

Ensuring a secure application of "Label Armor" involves simple steps: cleaning the surface, ensuring optimal temperature conditions, applying the preprinted label, and then covering it with "Label Armor" using our recommended tools for even pressure application. Remember, a 48-hour curing time is necessary to achieve a complete seal.

Secure Application Tips

To maximize the lifespan of your "Label Armor", proper preparation with Surface Primer and Edge Fix is crucial. These products are designed to enhance adhesion and durability, especially on porous surfaces or in areas subject to extreme wear.