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Afinia L801 Labels | Memjet Labels

With fast print speeds and a page-wide Memjet printhead, the Afinia L801 and L901 Memjet color label printers require quality blank labels worthy of their capabilities. DuraFast Label Company is a leading manufacturer of blank L801 / L901 labels -- designed and manufactured in-house to ensure top-quality printing results.

Select Afinia Memjet Labels in a Variety of Materials, Shapes, and Sizes

DuraFast Label Company offers a wide variety of blank L801 and L901 Memjet labels in various configurations. Choose from paper, polyester, or polypropylene with glossy or matte finishes. Our L801/L901 labels are available in white, clear, gold, silver, and holographic film.

Continuous and Die-Cut L801 and L901 Memjet Labels

DuraFast Label Company also offers both continuous and pre-die-cut L801 L901 Memjet labels.

  • Continuous L801 / L901 labels are uncut and intended to be used either with the L801's built-in powered cutter or for roll-to-roll print jobs that will be finished with an external cutter or label finishing system.
  • Die-cut L801 /L901 labels have been cut into a shape like a circle, square, oval, or rectangle. They are available with and without the waste matrix. Our die-cut Memjet labels are ideal for a wide variety of applications

Large L801 and L901 Memjet Label Rolls

With outside diameters (OD) of either 6 or 8 inches, DuraFast Label Company's L801 / L901 Memjet label rolls allow you to print more labels before changing rolls, improving your workflow and productivity.

Adhesives for Every Application

DuraFast Label Company's L801 and L901 Memjet labels are available with a wide variety of adhesives to ensure your label will stick where you need it and perform as intended. Choose from:

  • Permanent adhesive for applications that require long-term bonding
  • Removable adhesive for applications where the label needs to be removed without damaging the underlying surface
  • Cold temperature adhesive for applications where the label will be exposed to low temperatures
  • Freezer grade adhesive for applications where the label will be exposed to extremely low temperatures

Custom L801 / L901 Memjet Labels

DuraFast Label Company can also manufacture custom L801 and L901 Memjet labels to your specifications. We offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our custom label capabilities.

DuraFast Label Company is your source for high-quality Afinia L801 and L901 Memjet labels. We have the perfect label for your application with our large selection of materials, shapes, and sizes available.

Order today and take advantage of our fast shipping. If you have any questions, our friendly customer service team is standing by to assist you. Give us a call today!