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Print barcodes with a dedicated or all-around printer

Barcodes are integral to many business operations and are often coupled with POS and ticket management systems. They should be easy to print and attach, regardless of what you do. This encourages small business owners like you to invest in barcode label makers that are portable, simple to operate, and easy to integrate into your business software.

Do you need to inspect your inventory and replace the existing barcodes with new ones? One way to tackle this is to order updated barcodes from a third party to save on purchasing equipment, but it is always a risk. Delays and potentially failed contract agreements will always be on the radar if you let someone else do the barcode job you can do on your own. 

Update your inventory without those risks using a dedicated or all-around barcode label printer. A dedicated option is suitable for unique tags and barcodes, while an all-around machine can also be used for printing other media, including barcodes. The range of DuraFast Label Company is extensive enough to get the right printer for your business operations.

What do you get with a barcode printer?

Some barcode printers use standard printing technology, while others are more sophisticated and require chemically treated media to print. For most applications, cheaper units are fine, but if your tags or tickets are exposed to UV, you should opt for printing systems compatible with your resistance requirements.

A barcode machine is a great addition to your equipment when you need mobility for warehouse management, POS processes, or ads. However, this is not the only benefit that makes a universal setup so versatile and widely used. DuraFast Label Company provides you with printers that ensure:

  • Operational simplicity. Barcode printers are designed using the operator-centric approach. Simply unpack one, integrate it with your POS or other systems, connect it to your mobile devices (if compatible), and start printing.
  • Cost-effectiveness. It is far more cost-effective to have a portable barcode unit than outsourcing this operation, especially if you own a startup or a small business. Though small, these machines can yield hundreds of tags and tickets per minute.
  • Barcode printing when and where you need it. With a barcode machine, nothing keeps you from printing tags at any time. Besides, you can optimize your printing by creating the exact number of barcodes or tickets, so there’s nothing to dispose of.
  • Volume adjustments. Print more or less with a unit that can handle it. You can go with a basic setup for low or high volumes or get something for industry-specific labels. 

Order the best barcode printers for sale

DuraFast Label Company makes all in-house printing jobs easier to handle in Canada and beyond. We have barcode label printers from the best in the industry, so you can use their technology and optimize your small business operations. For your printer, you can also find consumables and spare parts to make it flawless.

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