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Memjet Inkjet Color Label Printers

Memjet inkjet color label printers are notable for their fast print speeds, and high (1600 dpi) print resolution, and low ink costs. Where traditional inkjet label printers use a movable print head that travels back and forth as it dispenses ink, Memjet technology uses an 8.77-inch wide print head that lays down the ink, millions of droplets at a time, as the label page passes through the Memjet inkjet color label printer. Memjet calls this “waterfall” technology.

Memjet inkjet color label printers use dye-based inks that come in large 250ml tanks. Each printer uses one cyan, one magenta, one yellow, and two black ink tanks. Note that all Memjet inkjet color label printers use the same Memjet print technology and inks; the only difference between Memjet-based inkjet color label printers is the chassis and the software packaged with them.

For example, DuraFast Label Company has both the Afinia L801 Memjet label printer and the Vortex 850R Memjet color label printer. Both printers have the exact same print technology, but the Vortex has an integrated computer for easier maintenance and system management. The extra $4,000 USD investment in the Vortex will save you money on your monthly ink costs and printer maintenance and management.

The Vortex is ideal for companies with high volume label production runs each month. It will have the lowest ink cost in the industry. For small- and medium-sized production runs each month, the Afinia L801 is an excellent and affordable choice. Both of these Memjet inkjet color label printers can print beautiful labels at high speeds.

In addition to stocking Memjet inkjet color label printers, we also sell RapidX Memjet ink cartridges and offer service and replacement parts which can be used with all Memjet technology-based color label printers. We have replacement Memjet print heads, Memjet service stations, rollers, assembly lifter motors, assembly output management, transmission belts, cleaner kits, gear cam lifts, lever latch replacements, and more.