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Mobile label printers – Bring printing to where it is currently needed

Industrial-grade printers are the best when you need to print often and a lot of labels. But their capabilities come at the cost of using bulky units that are hard to move and set up. If portability is more important to your business, mobile label printers are worth the investment to save your employees’ effort.

Today, you can bring barcode label printing to where you print most often and carry it with you when the tasks change. Portable label printers are tiny versions of full-fledged barcode printing systems that can be wirelessly connected to your devices to print barcodes, discount labels, shipping labels, and RFID tags. With flawless connectivity and remote control options, these handheld appliances are the greatest examples of on-demand printing.

Discover portable thermal label printers and other unit configurations by GoDEX, TSC, Honeywell, SATO, Citizen, Seiko and Zebra. Compact and innovative, the brands’ models instill flexibility into your printing applications and function smoothly for years with little to no maintenance.

Portable barcode label printers for a range of industries

GoDEX, TSC, Honeywell, SATO, Citizen, Seiko and Zebra have made their portable solutions incredibly versatile. While some printers are designed for specific applications and can’t be reconfigured to do it all, their units can be equally outstanding for a range of industries and label types:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Linerless labels

In other words, you can use the same device as a mobile shipping label printer, specimen labeler, and tag printer with minimal adjustments. If true efficiency is on your radar, you’ve just detected it.

The weight of mobile printers is thoughtfully reduced to make them easy to carry for any person. This allows you to effortlessly change locations and print closer to the end product, whether going from one shopping aisle to another, traveling to multiple entertainment venues to print tags, or being tasked with labeling parts at different assembly lines.

Tap to print

Have you always wanted to configure and operate a label printer from your phone? The tech world has been listening to you. In their mobile configurations, mobile printers can be run via a phone or tablet with bluetooth and wireless connectivley to make your everyday routine more convenient. Tap to change specifications, switch label designs at a moment’s notice, and print – easy as it sounds.

To bring such a tech-enabled printer or labeler to your facility, order one with DuraFast. We are here to ship it faster than you finish counting all its benefits.

Best Mobile Printers Available in Canada

  • Zebra Mobile printers – ZQ310 series, ZQ511, ZQ521, ZQ610, ZQ620, ZQ630, 
  • Godex Mobile Printers – MX30 & MX30i portable light weight mobile printers that can print up to 2.8” wide labels.
  • TSC Mobile Printers – Alpha-30R portable receipt printer, Alpha-30L portable label & receipt printer, linerless label/receipt printer, Alpha-40L, TDM-20, TDM-30 portable label & receipt printer, Alpha-2R, Alpha-3R, Alpha-4R   portable label & receipt printer, 
  • Honeywell  Mobile Printers – 6824 Mobile full page portable printer, RP2 2-inch, RP4 4-inch rugged mobile printers, RL3e mobile printers
  • Citizen Mobile Printers – CMP-20, , CMP-30, CMP-40 mobile label printers, CMP-25L mobile linerless printer
  • Seiko Mobile Printers – MP-B20, MP=B30, BP-B30L (linerless), MP-A40, DPU-S series mobile label and linerless printers.

Mobile Labels

With all the different mobile barcode printers in the market, you also need mobile labels. Durafast Label Company has large selection of mobile labels for your Zebra, TSC, Honeywell, Godex, Citizen and Seiko mobile printers. Checkout our mobile label selection.