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Step into the diverse range of overlaminate films at DuraFast Label Company, your one-stop solution for multiple digital label finishing systems. Be it ACPO overlaminate, Qspac laminate, STA overlaminate, or FX1200 laminate film, we're well-equipped to meet your needs.

The Advantage of Overlaminate Film for Label Finishing

Overlaminate film applies a clear, strong, and protective lamination layer to your printed labels. This protective layer increases resistance against water, oil, scratches, and general wear and tear, while simultaneously providing an aesthetically pleasing glossy finish. Our overlaminate film rolls are universally compatible with leading digital label finishing systems, including the DPR Scorpio Plus and Primera FX1200. After setup, these systems handle large rolls of ACPO overlaminate, STA overlaminate, or FX1200 laminate film. The systems apply the overlaminate film, digitally cut the labels, remove the waste matrix, and rewind the completed labels onto individual cores.

Varieties of Label Overlaminates

DuraFast Label Company boasts an extensive inventory of popular overlaminate films from premier manufacturers, and we ship to customers all over Canada and the USA.

  • Digital Label Printing Lamination: Our offerings include self-wound laminates like clear gloss polyester lamination film, clear gloss polypropylene lamination film, and matte polypropylene laminate films. Let our clear overlaminates safeguard and enhance the finish of your labels.
  • Matte Lamination: We stock matte polyester lamination and matte polypropylene lamination films. Opt for our label matte overlaminates if you prefer a matte look; they protect your labels with a clear matte lamination layer.
  • Polyester Lamination: Our diverse selection includes general-purpose lamination, heavy-duty lamination, specialty lamination, UL-recognized lamination, and thermal printable lamination.
  • Polypropylene Lamination: Choose from economy lamination, general-purpose lamination, heavy-duty lamination, and specialty lamination.

Whether you need a standard label overlaminate film or have specific requirements, DuraFast Label Company is ready to help. Explore our overlaminate films or get in touch for assistance. Our standard laminate rolls measure 8.25" by 2500 feet long, but we can customize these rolls to fit your needs. We can produce rolls 5,000 feet long or longer and in varying widths. Consult with one of our laminate specialists. Place your orders for overlaminate film online, over the phone, or in person at our Toronto, Canada showroom. If you're thinking about upgrading to a digital label finishing system, we can guide you through that process too. Contact us today or pay us a visit in Ontario, Canada to learn more.