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Textile Labels | Thermal Transfer Printable textile labels designed for the clothing care and seat belt labeling markets

Tailored Wash Care Labeling Solutions for the Canadian Garment Industry

At Durafast Label Company Canada, we are committed to providing the Canadian garment manufacturers with superior wash care labeling solutions. Our range of wash care and textile labels is specifically crafted to meet the challenges faced by Canadian businesses. We focus on delivering products that combine resilience with versatility to support your diverse wash care labeling needs.

Revolutionizing Printing with Wash Care Label Printers

Our innovative Wash Care Label Printers are designed to seamlessly integrate into any Canadian garment business. These printers ensure high-quality, clear, and durable label printing, making them an indispensable tool in the modern textile industry. With cutting-edge technology at their core, our textile label printers redefine efficiency and precision in care label production.

Compact and Efficient: Desktop Wash Care Label Printers

For businesses with space-conscious environments, our Desktop Wash Care Label Printers offer the perfect balance of size and functionality. Available in 2-inch and 4-inch printers, these printers are equipped with cutters, providing on-demand care label printing. They are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses in Canada looking for a reliable and easy-to-use care label printing option.

High Volume Production: Industrial Wash Care Label Printer

For larger operations, the Industrial Wash Care Label Printer stands ready to tackle high-volume demands. Equipped with advanced features like a cutter and stacker, this printer is engineered for businesses that require rapid, large-scale care label production without compromising on quality. Its 300 dpi resolution ensures every detail is captured, making it suitable for labels requiring intricate designs and text.

Enhanced Durability with Wash Care Label Resin Ribbons

Our Wash Care Label Resin Ribbons are a testament to our commitment to quality. Available in a range of coloors, these textile resin ribbons are designed to withstand the rigors of the Canadian garment industry, ensuring your textile labels remain sharp and legible through various conditions and cleaning processes.

Versatile Textile Resin Ribbons

Our Textile Resin Ribbons are engineered to offer unparalleled performance across a variety of fabrics labels. Whether you're dealing with nylon, polyester, or satin, these ribbons ensure your textile labels endure through multiple cleaning cycles, maintaining their integrity in the fast-paced Canadian garment sector.

Comprehensive Wash Care and Textile Label Solutions

Durafast's collection of Wash Care and Textile Labels provides Canadian apparel businesses with the tools to create in-house, high-quality labels. From standard garment labels to specialty applications, our labels are designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability.

Specialty Textile Labels: Iron-On-Labels

Our Specialty Textile Labels and Iron-On Labels are crafted to meet the unique challenges of the Canadian market. These labels offer robust solutions for demanding applications, ensuring longevity and adherence in various conditions.

Iron-On Labels for Easy Application

Our Iron-On Labels provide a convenient and efficient solution for a variety of labeling needs. Designed to be printed using our Wash Care Label Printer, these labels can be effortlessly applied to any garment with just an iron. The process involves melting the hot-melt adhesive on the label, allowing it to securely bond with the fabric. This feature makes them exceptionally useful for identifying children's clothing, where labels need to be durable and withstand regular washing. Additionally, they are ideal in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, for labeling bed sheets, patient clothing, and other textiles. The ease of application, combined with the durability of these labels, ensures that they stay in place, maintaining legibility and adherence through numerous washes and daily use. With our Iron-On Labels, tagging garments and textiles for identification becomes a simple and reliable task, suitable for a range of personal and professional applications.

Fire Safety First: Fire-Resistant Textile Labels

For applications where fire safety is paramount, our Fire-Resistant Textile Labels are the top choice. These labels are designed to offer maximum protection and compliance, essential for high-risk applications prevalent in Canada's diverse industrial landscape.