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Laser Color Label Printers

DuraFast Label Company carries some of the finest colour label printers on the market from leading brands like Afinia Label, iSys Label, NeuraLabel, Seiko, UniNet, VIPColor, Vortex, Primera Technology, and Epson. By offering a multitude of colour label printers from the top manufacturers in the industry, we can help you select a colour label printer that best meets your unique needs.

It’s no longer a simple choice between inkjet or laser colour label printers. Today’s colour label printers come in several flavors beyond just inkjet or laser-powered technologies - and DuraFast Label Company can help you decipher the myriad options out there. Here’s a quick look at the main types of color label printers available today.

Pigment Inkjet Colour Label Printers

Pigment inkjet colour label printers, like the Epson TM-C3500, TM-C7500, GP-C831, VIPColor 495, Primera LX2000 or NeuraLabel 300x, are ideal for printing the highly durable labels needed for GHS BS5609 labels. Their pigment-based inks dry instantly and the labels do not smudge or smear. Pigment inkjet colour label printers also offer better resistance to water, oils, chemicals, UV light, and abrasions when printed on matte GHS BS5609 chemical label material. If you need to print durable labels, tags, tickets, or wristbands or GHS BS5609-compliant labels, pigment inkjet color label printers are a good place to start your search.

Dye-based Inkjet Colour Label Printers

Dye-based inkjet colour label printers, like the Primera LX400, LX900, VIPColor VP485, Afinia L801 or the Epson TM-C7500G (Gloss), are best for printing labels with more vibrant coloors and higher resolutions like product labels on glossy paper, polypropylene, polyester and clear labels.

Dye-based inkjets have the largest selection of different label materials you can print on.

Memjet Colour Label Printers

Memjet colour label printers are another colour inkjet label printer option that use dye-based inks. Memjet colour label printers use a large print head to quickly disperse millions of ink drops per second in a single pass. These are among the fastest colour label printers available, and they have some of the lowest ink and operating costs in the industry. We sell both the Afinia L801 and the Afinia L901 Memjet colour label printers. Memjet printers can print labels up to 8.5" wide at 1600 dpi at a speed of 60 feet per minute. These are the most popular inkjet label presses.


Laser Colour Label Printers

Laser coloor label printers are both fast and economical, producing beautiful colour labels on demand. With a laser colour label printer like the Primera CX1000, Primera CX1200, iSys Label Edge 850, Apex 1290, UniNet iColor 700 or Afinia R635 digital label press, you can print thousands of photo quality labels at once, roll to roll. Laser color label printers are ideal for high volume label production, especially when paired with a digital label finishing system.

No single colour label printer can possibly meet every need. That’s why we sell all types of colour label printers. We have colour label printers for every scenario, business need, and budget. Browse the colour label printers below or contact a DuraFast Label Company sales consultant for personalized assistance.