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Afinia L502 Labels

Now available in Canada, the Afinia L502 color label printer uses Duo Ink Technology, enabling users to use it with either pigment or dye inks. A simple swapping out of the print head and ink cartridges is all that’s needed to convert the L502/L501 to either a prime or industrial GHS label printer. When swapping ink types, you’ll also need to swap label types as the materials used for the different inks are different.

Which L502/ L501 Labels are Good for Using with Pigment Inks?

The Afinia L501 uses pigment inks for producing industrial and GHS labels. These are durable, smudge-free labels that can withstand much harsher environments than dye inks. Pigment inks are incompatible with glossy synthetic label materials including clear labels, glossy polypropylene labels, and glossy polyester labels.

We recommend using the following label types with the Afinia L502/L501’s pigment inks and pigment print head:

  • Matte paper labels
  • High gloss paper labels
  • Matte tags
  • Matte polypropylene labels (pigment inks are incompatible with synthetic glossy polypropylene labels)
  • Chemical - GHS BS5609-compliant chemical labels  

Which Afinia L502/L501 Labels are Good for Using with Dye Inks?

The Afinia L502 uses dye inks for producing vibrant prime product labels. Dye inks are less durable than pigment inks but offer brighter colors.

We recommend using the following label types with the Afinia L502’s dye inks and dye print head:

        •     Matte and high gloss paper labels
        •     Matte and high gloss tags
        •     Matte and glossy polypropylene labels
        •     Glossy Clear labels
        •     Glossy Polyester labels

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