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Returns Policy

Returns Policy

DuraFast Label Company is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. This includes making changes to our return policy to ensure that it is fair and in line with the costs we incur due to a return.

We accept returns under the following conditions:

  • We accept returns within 7 days of receipt ONLY when an item is in its original packaging, unopened, and unused.
  • Before returning an item, you must obtain an RMA number from us.
  • Returns are subject to a 15 percent restocking fee.
  • There are NO returns on label printers, label presses, finishing systems, applicators, rewinders, label dispensers, custom labels, and other specialty equipment.
  • There are NO returns on ink cartridges with broken seals.

Label returns

We accept returns on labels within 30 days of purchase. The refund will be in the form of a store credit only. There are no refunds on any label product after 30 days.

No Returns on Printers and Equipment

We cannot accept returns on label printers, accessories, and equipment. Should any issues arise, the manufacturer's warranty applies to these items, and you should contact the manufacturer directly.

Once a printer has been shipped, there are no returns, regardless of whether or not it has been opened. If, for some reason, you receive the wrong printer due to a mistake on our part, DO NOT OPEN IT as we cannot accept returns of open items.

However, we want to make sure that the printer you purchase is the best printer for your needs. That is why we are happy to print free samples of your label design and send them along with an ink cost analysis to you so you can see the print quality and understand the print costs before purchasing the printer.

We are also happy to answer any questions about the printer. We generally like to understand how you intend to use the printer. For example, what type of products are you printing labels for, and how many labels do you expect to print each month? Keep in mind that lower cost printers tend to print at a lower speed, and in some cases, with a higher ink cost. We are happy to identify the differences to better help you select the best printer for your needs and budget.

Ink Cartridge Returns

We cannot accept returns on ink cartridges with a broken seal. For example, the Afinia L801 and L901 inks come in two versions, with each version using a different ink cartridge. These ink cartridges are not interchangeable, and it's not uncommon for customers to purchase the wrong version of the inks.

Unfortunately, if you place the ink cartridges in the printer, the seal on the ink cartridge will be broken, the printer will not recognize the ink, and it will not work. Once the seal has been broken, we cannot take that ink back. This same problem often occurs with Epson GP-C831 and Epson TM-C3500 inks, which look the same but are not interchangeable.

Shipping and Restocking

We do NOT pay for shipping on returns. After obtaining an RMA number, you may ship the item back to us, at your cost, for a refund. You will also be responsible for shipping should you opt for a replacement item. If the return is due to an error on our part, we will pay for shipping costs associated with the return.

We have a 15 percent restocking fee on any accepted return to offset the restocking fees the vendors charge us.

Processing Time for Returns

It can take up to four weeks before your refund arrives. This allows for transit time (both ways) and time for your bank to process the refund request. Allow 5-10 business days for us to receive the package, 3-5 days to process the return once it arrives, and another 5-10 business days for your bank to reverse the charges.

Everyone concerned wants to minimize returns. Before placing your order, request a free sample label kit so that you can see each label printer's print quality before you buy and double-check that any ink cartridges you order are specifically for your printer model.

How to Initiate a Return

Need to return an item? Start the RMA process by sending an email to our customer service department. After processing your request, we will be in touch via email.