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Guide to Selecting a Label Dispenser Machine in Canada

Label dispensers can revolutionize the way you handle labels, significantly easing the process of separating barcodes and labels from the roll. By advancing the labels and presenting them partially removed, these machines facilitate quick application whenever required. Label dispensers serve various purposes such as dispensing mailing and shipping labels, barcodes, point of sale stickers, and more. Here's a guide to help you pick the perfect label dispenser machine in Canada for your needs.

Understanding Your Control Needs

  • The level of control you desire from your label dispenser should be your starting point. For instance, DPR’s Easy Dispenser series, though lacking a control panel, offers an easy switch between manual and semi-automatic advancing modes. For more control over label dispensing, consider DPR's electronic dispenser series. It boasts an integrated control panel that lets you modify label length, choose the quantity of labels dispensed, and set the advancing mode to automatic, timed, or manual.

Assessing Label Width Requirements

  • Consider the width of the labels you usually handle. Are you dealing with narrow shipping labels or wider labels like those used on carton boxes? Different dispenser machines can accommodate varying label widths. For example, the DPR-03 electric label dispenser caters to labels up to 2.75 inches wide. However, if your labels are wider, you might need to consider dispensers like the DPR DN01 large electric label dispenser or the DPR DP-02 electric label dispenser, capable of handling label rolls up to 5.9 inches wide.

Calculating Label Diameter Size

  • If you often use large label rolls, you will need a label dispenser that can accommodate their substantial outside diameter. For instance, the DPR BED01 and the DPR DN-01 can handle label rolls with a diameter of up to 11.81 inches, while most other label dispensers can accommodate up to 7.87 inches OD label rolls.

While all label dispensers are designed to cater to diverse label widths and roll sizes, their maximum capacity is always finite. Make sure to select a label dispenser that suits the label rolls your business commonly uses. For any assistance or queries in choosing an electric label dispenser, don't hesitate to reach out to DuraFast Label Company. If you're in or around Toronto, feel free to visit our Toronto, Ontario showroom to view various label dispenser machines in person.