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Choosing a Label Dispenser Machine in Canada

If you use a lot of labels, dispenser machines are a good investment that will make it much easier to remove labels and barcodes from the roll. Label and sticker dispensers advance labels, removing them partially from the roll and presenting them to you so that you can quickly peel them off and apply them as needed.

Label dispensers are available for just about any label application such as mailing and shipping label dispensers, barcode dispensers, point of sale sticker dispenser machines, electric label dispenser machines, and more. Use the tips below to choose the right label dispenser machine in Canada.

-    Start by figuring out how much control you want out of your electric label dispenser machine — For example, DPR’s Easy Dispenser series lacks a control panel, but yet it is still easy to choose between manual and semi-automatic advancing mode. On the other hand, DPR’s electronic dispenser series features an integrated control panel for greater control over label dispensing. For example, the control panel allows you to adjust the label length, select the number of labels to be dispensed, and set the type of advancing to either automatic, temporized, or manual.

-    Determine the maximum label width required — Do you typically work with small shipping labels or with wider labels like carton box labels? Dispenser machines have a range of label widths that they can accommodate. For example, the DPR-03 electric label dispenser works with labels up to 2.75 inches wide. If you work with wider labels, you’ll need to look at label dispensers that accept wider label rolls such as the DPR DN01 large electric label dispenser or the DPR DP-02 electric label dispenser, both of which can handle label rolls up to 5.9 inches wide.

-    Determine the maximum label diameter size — Do you use large label rolls? If so, you’ll need to focus on label dispensers that can handle their large outside diameter. Both the DPR BED01 and the DPR DN-01 can handle label rolls with a diameter of up to 11.81 inches whereas most of the other label dispensers accept up to 7.87 inch OD label rolls.

Though each label and sticker dispenser can handle various label widths and roll sizes, their maximum capacity is limited. Make sure that you select a label dispenser machine that can handle the label rolls you typically use in your business. If you need help selecting an electric label dispenser or if you have any questions, contact DuraFast Label Company and we’ll be happy to help. If you’re in the Toronto area, you can see the different label dispenser machines at our Toronto, Ontario showroom.