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NeuraLabel Printers & Digital Press by NeuraLog

NeuraLabel printers are manufactured by NeuraLog, a Texas-based company specializing in developing digital imaging products for the oil and well log markets.

Fast, GHS BS5609-compliant (when used with our GHS BS5609 chemical labels), affordable, and versatile, NeuraLabel printers like the NeuraLabel Callisto will have you rethinking your label production strategy.

DuraFast Label Company is pleased to carry the NeuraLabel Callisto GHS colour label printer along with replacement ink cartridges (pigmented inks: black, cyan, yellow, and magenta), blank NeuraLabel Callisto labels, and an innovative rewinder / unwinder system that converts the NeuraLabel label printers into a full-blown digital label press.

The NeuraLabel Callisto GHS color label printer is the fastest GHS label printer on the market. With a print speed of 90 feet per minute, the Callisto is faster than Afinia and VIPColor Memjet printers. This blazing-fast print speed is made possible by stationary thermal inkjet technology and page-wide print head technology from HP. Print speed, however, doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on print quality. The NeuraLabel Callisto printer is capable of 2400 x 1200 dpi print resolution, and it can print both industrial and prime labels with ease.

With its ability to quickly print both high-resolution full-colour photos and GHS BS5609-compliant chemical labels (when used with our Chemical labels), the NeuraLabel Callisto GHS printer is extremely versatile. It prints beautifully on a variety of blank label materials including: paper labels, glossy paper labels, matte labels, synthetic film labels, matte polypropylene (BOPP), and GHS BS5609 matte chemical labels.

The NeuraLabel Callisto accepts fan-fold label materials up to 12 inches wide. This is ideal for many production environments. However, if you prefer roll-to-roll printing, the optional unwinder / rewinder system for NeuraLabel Callisto printer allows you to use the printer as a digital label press. When using the NeuraLabel Callisto as a digital label press, you can digitally cut and finish your labels using the Scorpio digital label cutter and finishing system.

NeuraLabel Inks and Toners

We sell the NeuraLabel Callisto color label printer along with blank labels, NeuraLabel ink cartridges, supplies, and accessories. We have NeuraLabel ink and toner cartridges for the NeuraLabel Callisto as well as other NeuraLabel printers, including discontinued printers like the NeuraLabel 300x, 300ST, and 600e:

-       NeuraLabel Callisto ink cartridges

-       NeuraLabel 300x / 300 ST ink cartridges

-       NeuraLabel 600e toner cartridges

NeuraLabel Labels

We have a wide range of blank labels for the NeuraLabel Callisto color label printer and other NeuraLabel printers:

-       NeuraLabel matte paper labels

-       NeuraLabel glossy paper labels

-       NeuraLabel GHS BS5609 chemical labels

-       NeuraLabel BOPP (polypropylene labels)

-       Fan-folded labels

-       Continuous labels

-       Pre-die-cut labels

-       NeuraLabel Callisto labels

-       NeuraLabel 300x / 300 ST labels

-       NeuraLabel 600e labels

Custom NeuraLabel Labels

DuraFast Label Company can also create custom label rolls and sheets for your NeuraLabel printer based on your specific label requirements. We also offer custom die-cuts for NeuraLabel labels on a roll. So, if you need a special size or shape for your labels, we can create it for you.

Please request a custom NeuraLabel quote today to learn more about our custom label services.

Browse the selection below or contact DuraFast Label Company for help. We’ll be happy to print your label design on the NeuraLabel Callisto or any other label printers you are considering so that you see the print quality for yourself. Contact us today to learn more.