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NeuraLabel Callisto 12-Inch, 18 ips, 2400 dpi High Speed Commercial Color Pigment Inkjet Label Press

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Print Method:
Pigment Inkjet
Print Speed:
18 ips
Print Width:
2400 dpi

NeuraLabel Callisto Commercial-Grade GHS Label Printer

Are you looking for a way to improve operational productivity and eliminate excess label inventory? If so, consider investing in the NeuraLabel Callisto GHS colour label printer. The NeuraLabel Callisto is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that can help businesses streamline operations by printing their own durable colour labels.

Fast Print Speed and Outstanding Print Quality

The NeuraLabel Callisto is a versatile, high-speed colour label printer that offers fast print speeds for quick turnaround, high print resolution, durability, and maximum flexibility. It is the most advanced full-colour GHS label printer available today.

  • Print speed: 90 feet per minute. At 90 feet per minute, the NeuraLabel Callisto outperforms its Memjet competitors by 30 feet per minute! That's right, Afinia and VIPColor Memjets max out at 60 feet per minute.
  • Print quality: 2400 dpi. The NeuraLabel Callisto produces high-quality, durable labels with outstanding print quality.
  • Print durability: With its high print quality and durability, the NeuraLabel Callisto can withstand harsh environments, making it ideal for chemical and industrial applications. This printer meets GHS BS5609 requirements for label durability. Use with DuraFast GHS Chemical labels for the most durable, long-lasting labels.

Advanced Technology

Powered by HP Advanced PageWide Technology, the NeuraLabel Callisto delivers consistent print quality at fast speeds. With HP PageWide Technology, businesses can rely on the NeuraLabel Callisto to produce high-quality labels at faster print speeds and with fewer moving parts for reliable performance and peace of mind.

Lightweight Construction

Made from durable aluminum, the NeuraLabel Callisto weighs just 55 pounds. Its compact footprint makes it easy to integrate into any work environment, including manufacturing facilities and offices.


The NeuraLabel Callisto is a versatile GHS label printer that can print on various substrates, including pressure-sensitive labels and tags made from paper and synthetic materials. It supports media widths from one to 12 inches and works with either fan-folded sheets or label rolls on a 3-inch core if equipped with the optional label unwinder / rewinder system. The unwinder and rewinder system accepts label rolls with an outside diameter of up to 8 inches.

Though engineered for GHS chemical and industrial applications, the NeuraLabel Callisto can also be used for other labeling applications, including prime product labels, horticulture labels, food and beverage labels, health and beauty labels, nutraceutical labels, and more.

Ease of Use

An easy-to-use 7-inch touchscreen display and built-in help options make the NeuraLabel Callisto simple to operate. The touchscreen display provides users with step-by-step instructions for loading media, calibrating the printer, and printing labels.

The Callisto helps businesses work more efficiently and save money by eliminating the need for pre-printed labels. With pre-printed labels, businesses must order large quantities of labels in advance and keep them on hand in case they need them. This can result in excess inventory and wasted money if the labels are unused. With the NeuraLabel Callisto, businesses can print labels on demand, as they need them. This reduces waste and helps businesses save money and storage space.

NeuraLabel Callisto Warranty Options

The NeuraLabel Callisto comes with a standard “return to depot” one-year warranty. An onsite warranty option is also available.

NeuraLabel Callisto Inks and Supplies

The NeuraLabel Callisto uses inkjet-coated paper and synthetic (vinyl, polypropylene, and PET) pressure-sensitive labels and tags. It comes with four high-capacity CMYK pigment ink cartridges that provide outstanding print quality and durability.

The pigment inks used by the NeuraLabel Callisto are designed to resist fading, smudging, and water damage. They are also scratch-resistant and provide outstanding print quality on a wide variety of substrates. When used with GHS BS5609-compliant chemical labels, the NeuraLabel Callisto can print labels that meet British Standard 5609 requirements for long-term durability and resistance to chemicals, seawater immersion, sunlight, and abrasion.

NeuraLabel Callisto Labels

DuraFast Label Company manufactures labels for the NeuraLabel Callisto. We have a large inventory of labels and tags in stock in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

  • Callisto chemical labels (GHS BS5609-compliant)
  • Callisto matte paper labels and tags
  • Callisto high gloss paper labels and tags
  • Callisto matte polypropylene labels (BOPP) and tags
  • Fan-fold Callisto labels
  • Continuous Callisto label rolls

We suggest ordering a free sample pack to get a better feel for the different label materials we offer. We'll print your label design on the different label types and mail the label sample kit to you. This will allow you to see and feel the various label stocks we offer as well as the print quality of the NeuraLabel Callisto printer so that you can make the best decision for your labeling needs.

If you can't find the size or type of label you're looking for, we can custom manufacture labels to your specific requirements. Request custom Callisto labels.

NeuraLabel Callisto Accessories

If you'd like to use the NeuraLabel Callisto for roll-to-roll printing, you'll need the optional unwinder / rewinder system (sold separately). The unwinder and rewinder system accepts label rolls on 3-inch cores with an outside diameter of up to 8 inches. By adding the unwinder / rewinder system, you can increase productivity by printing labels continuously without having to stop and reload media.

Buy or Lease the NeuraLabel Callisto Today

The NeuraLabel Callisto is the ideal solution for businesses that need a durable in-house label printing system. Its fast print speed, outstanding print quality, and advanced technology make it the perfect choice for businesses that want to improve operational productivity and eliminate excess inventory.

DuraFast Label Company is an authorized reseller of the NeuraLabel Callisto. We also offer a wide selection of Callisto ink cartridges, labels and tags, and accessories for use with the Callisto. Order the NeuraLabel Callisto online from DuraFast Label Company or apply for a business lease. We offer a variety of flexible leasing options with low monthly payments.

Contact us today for more information about leasing the NeuraLabel Callisto or our other products.


1 Year NeuraLabel Warranty