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VIPColor VP660/VP750 Inks | Enhanced Water-Resistant Inks for VP660/VP750

Welcome to DuraFast Label Company, your dedicated supplier for VIPColor VP660/VP750 inks in Canada. These high-quality inks are specially designed for the VIPColor VP660 and VP750 color label printers, offering increased water resistance to meet the demands of challenging labeling applications.

Experience Superior Print Quality with VIPColor VP660/VP750 Inks

The VP660/VP750 inks provide brilliant and vibrant color representation, ensuring your labels always capture attention. Ideal for a wide range of applications, these inks enhance the quality of your prints, ensuring sharp and precise images that resonate with your audience.

Difference between VP700 and VP750 Inks

While the VIPColor VP700 inks offer high-quality printing, the VP750 inks come with a significant advantage—enhanced water resistance. This key feature makes the VP750 inks ideal for labeling products exposed to moisture, refrigeration, or high humidity. Whether you're creating labels for beverages, frozen foods, or products stored in damp conditions, the VP750 inks ensure your labels maintain their quality, vividness, and appeal.

Maximize Efficiency with VIPColor VP660/VP750 Inks

VIPColor VP660/VP750 inks are designed for efficient, high-volume label printing. With their ability to withstand the rigors of challenging environments without sacrificing print quality, these inks contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of your label printing process. DuraFast Label Company is delighted to bring you these superior VIPColor VP660/VP750 inks for your labeling needs. Trust us to provide high-quality, durable inks that add resilience and vibrancy to your printed labels. Browse our selection today and elevate your label printing capabilities with the robust, water-resistant VP660/VP750 inks. As always, our team is here to provide guidance and assistance at every step. Experience the DuraFast difference today!