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Afinia Label Printers

Afinia Label Printers | Afinia Memjet & LED Label Printers

Afinia label printers are affordable, high impact label printers with a low cost of ownership. Ideal for short and mid-size label print runs, Afinia label printers are fast and capable.

Afinia L801 Color Label Printer

What makes Afinia label printers so fast? Afinia's L801 label printer uses Memjet technology featuring an 8.5-inch-wide print head. This technology uses dye-based ink to print vibrant colors and photographic quality images. Rather than moving back and forth across the page, the wide Memjet print head quickly disperses millions of droplets of ink across the entire 8.5-inch media in a single pass. This results in blazing fast print speeds of 30 or 60 feet per minute and beautiful printed labels at a print resolution of 1600 dpi. The maximum print width is 8.5 inches wide.

Afinia’s R635 takes a slightly different approach. Where the Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer uses dye-based inks, the Afinia R635 is a laser color label printer featuring an OKI Data LED print engine. Using single pass 4-color LED laser technology, the R635 isn’t as fast as the L801, but its print speed of 30 feet per minute remains impressive. The R635 digital label press accepts media of 3 to 8.5 inches wide, prints at 1200 x 600 dpi, and accepts a variety of substrates.

Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Printer

The Afinia R635 laser color label printer also has a white toner option, which allows you to print white on clear labels or black. It also has an optional Variable Data Printing option, which allows you to print variable data on all of your labels in a single pass. You can also print your labels with the matrix or without matrix using media from 3 to 8.5 inches wide. The maximum print width is 8.24 inches wide.

Afinia DLP-2000 Digital Label Press

Afinia also makes what it calls a “mini digital label press,” the Afinia DLP-2000. This Memjet-power label press includes an in-line Afinia L801 along with an integrated finishing system that uses a rotary die to cut the labels, laminate them, remove the matrix, slit, and produce finished rolls. This complete system runs at 30 feet per minute to produce large label jobs quickly.

Whether you prefer Memjet inkjet, OKI Data LED laser color label printers, or a complete digital label press, all of these Afinia label printers and presses features low consumable costs. What you save in ink and time could very well help pay for a new Afinia label printer. Ask us about our affordable business leasing program.

Both of these Afinia label printers can be used to print pre-die cut labels or as a digital label press, which can print on continuous label rolls that are then put on a digital label cutter and finisher to digitally cut the label, add laminate and remove the matrix, slit and then rewind onto individual rolls. These Afinia label printers are a very popular choice for label manufacturers who produce labels for resale purposes.

High resolution output coupled with fast print speeds and affordable prices make Afinia label printers an excellent choice for in-house label printing. In addition to Afinia label printers, we also carry Afinia spare parts for the Memjet print engine and the OKI Data LED print engine, label slitters and rewinders, label press, and more. Check out our selection of Afinia label printers or contact us today to learn more.