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Swamped with inventory issues? Eliminate them with barcode scanners

Going from one product to another to distinguish between items and update your inventory management system is an uphill climb. Barcodes are your climbing stick to facilitate tracking and stocktaking without hindering your productivity due to outdated processes. Easily unpuzzle them with wireless barcode scanners if you want your inventory tracking, logistics, checkout, and customer service operations to be more efficient.

These scanners can speed up numerous daily processes due to the following peculiarities:

  • Simplicity. You do not have to complete specialty courses to program your barcode reader. It requires minimal personnel training, so you can save on smoothing out the learning curve and set the scanner up as part of your inventory management system in a wink.
  • Mobility. Wireless barcode scanners are a breeze to carry in your hands. You can use them at your warehouse to scan inventory or process customers’ purchases – these mobile readers won’t make you exhausted.
  • Increased efficiency. Do you want to track the history of a particular item from the shelf? Your barcode checker can help you glean it in seconds. Say no to mundane paperwork and manual typing.
  • No human errors. People make mistakes – barcode readers do not. Your business is free from checkout and inventory errors when all items are scanned, tracked, and monitored by Brother or GoDEX scanners.
  • Effectiveness. Traditional inventory scanning can take forever, not to mention the time spent correcting human errors that inevitably occur in routine operations. With these scanners, you can do it way faster and more accurately.
  • Mindful use of resources. You no longer need so much paper for checks as they have become obsolete with digital technologies. Modern scanners can work with physical items, gadget screens, and products in electronic form for further processing.

DuraFast Label Company provides desktop and handheld barcode scanners, stands, and cradles. You can buy or lease cheaper 1D units for simple applications or more expensive and universal 1D/2D scanning equipment. 

Need a document-slash-code scanner?

Looking for a mobile unit to take with you? We have cord-free handheld barcode scanners that pack in laser technologies and decoding algorithms to process large volumes of data. They are ergonomic, have rubberized handles, and are lightweight to make sure your daily operations do not drain you of energy.

You can also invest in a compact desktop solution that can simultaneously scan a document from both sides, including plastic cards and other media. Its duplex function is a must-have for anyone working with many documents on the go.

Additional information

Barcode scanner prices vary depending on the reader type and functionality. Still, DuraFast Label Company is known for making business owners happier by reducing prices for purchase and lease agreements.

We accept returns within seven days. That said, we can’t do so for specialty equipment.

We will dispatch your barcode-reading system within one business day. If you reside in Canada, you are eligible for fast delivery. The shipping costs depend on your parcel weight.