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Prime Labels

Upgrade Your Label Printing with Prime Labels for Exceptional Print Quality

Leveraging a high-resolution, full-colour label printer such as the Afinia L502 dye, Afinia L801, Afinia L901, VIPColor VP500, VIPColor VP550, Primera LX500, Primera LX910, or the Primera LX3000, empowers you to print your own high-resolution, full-colour product labels on demand. However, to guarantee unmatched print quality, you need a reliable supply of prime labels explicitly designed for your printer model. At Durafast Label Company, we offer a comprehensive assortment of prime labels for a variety of printer manufacturers, including Afinia, VIPColor, Primera, and more.

Prime Labels: Elevate Your Brand Presence

Your product labels are the forefront of your brand, making them a powerful tool for brand statement. Choosing the right labels is therefore critical. Prime labels, often chosen for their high quality and durability, must withstand various conditions that your product may encounter. For instance, labels used for shampoo bottles must endure water and exposure to the shampoo product itself, resisting peeling, bubbling, or disintegration.

Who Uses Prime Labels?

Prime labels are used by businesses across various industries who demand high quality, vibrant, and durable labels for their products. They are perfect for food and beverage companies, cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, and many more. With prime labels, businesses can ensure their products stand out on the shelves with bright, sharp, and long-lasting visuals and information.

The Importance of Dye Inks in Prime Label Printing

The printers we recommend for prime labels use dye inks, which are known for producing vibrant colours and sharp images – two crucial elements for effective prime labels. The stunning colour reproduction and clarity of dye inks are what make them the preferred choice for prime label printing, ensuring that your product labels are not only high quality but also attention-grabbing.

Finding Your Prime Labels: By Printer Brand or Label Type

At Durafast Label Company, we carry high-quality prime labels designed to be compatible with today's most popular colour label printers. You can easily find your label printer in the list provided and find compatible labels available in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. If you already know what type of label you require, such as polypropylene (BOPP) labels or chemical labels that resist water, oil, and chemicals, you can shop by label type and then refine your search to your specific label printer.

Durafast Label: Here for Your Prime Label Needs

Our label specialists at Durafast Label are always ready to assist you in selecting the right type of prime labels for your products and label printer brand. We believe that the best labels are a blend of the right printer, ink, and label material. Our team is here to guide you in this process, ensuring you get the optimal print quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal from your prime labels. Contact us today for assistance.

Invest in prime labels at Durafast Label Company and experience the difference in print quality, brand appearance, and product durability. You're not just investing in labels; you're investing in your brand's future.