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Labels for the Primera LX2000 Label Printer | LX2000 Labels | LX1000 Labels

We are proud to manufacture our own lineup of LX2000 labels, all designed specifically for the LX2000 and its pigment-based inks. All of our Primera LX2000 labels start with high quality label materials from manufacturers in the United States. They are then converted by DuraFast Label Company at our Canada and United States manufacturing facilities. All of our LX2000 labels feature a permanent adhesive and are 100 percent compatible with the LX2000 label printer from Primera Technology.

We produce a variety of label types for the Primera LX2000 such as: LX2000 matte paper labels, LX2000 matte polypropylene labels, LX2000 glossy clear labels, LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels, LX2000 high gloss paper labels, and GHS BS5609-certified LX2000 chemical labels for marine and harsh environments, long-term immersion in water and chemicals, and outdoor applications. 

Note: Our LX2000 chemical labels are GHS BS5609 certified only on the LX2000; They cannot be used with other label printers. If you need GHS BS5609-certified labels for another label printer, please browse that label printer’s selection of label stock or contact a DuraFast Label Company representative.

Can’t find the exact size or shape of LX2000 labels you need? DuraFast Label Company is happy to make custom LX2000 labels upon request in rolls or fan-folded sheets.

These LX2000 labels are designed specifically for the LX2000 pigment-based inks used in the LX2000, making it important to use Primera LX2000 pigment ink cartridges for the best print quality and results.

We offer a variety of labels designed for the Primera LX2000, including label materials not typically used for prime label production. Since the Primera LX2000 uses pigment-based inks, it accepts a variety of matte and high gloss label materials. Whether you intend to print chemical and GHS BS5609 labels or elegant product labels, the Primera LX2000 coupled with high quality label stock from DuraFast Label Company won't let you down.

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