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SATO Portable Printers

Why SATO Portable Printers

SATO portable direct thermal barcode label printers represent the pinnacle of mobile printing technology, offering unmatched flexibility and reliability for Canadian businesses. With a range that includes 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch models, SATO portable printers cater to a wide array of business needs. These printers are indispensable for mobile workforces in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and warehouse management, where point-of-activity printing significantly enhances accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. DuraFast Label Company takes pride in providing SATO’s mobile printing solutions that are designed for the rigors of on-the-go use without compromising quality or dependability, making them ideal for applications such as price marking, specimen labeling, and more.

SATO PW208NX Portable Barcode Label Printer

The SATO PW208NX, a 2-inch wide portable barcode label printer, is SATO’s latest innovation, equipped with IoT capabilities and a rugged design for various industrial applications. It features robust connectivity options including USB, Bluetooth 3.0, dual-band WiFi, and NFC, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of systems. With seven printer languages pre-installed for easy integration and a print speed of 6ips at 203 dpi, the PW208NX is available in both standard and wireless LAN configurations, making it a versatile choice for any setting.

SATO PV3 Portable Barcode Label Printer

The SATO PV3 is a compact yet industrial 3-inch mobile printer designed for durability and economy. Its large roll capacity, exceptional battery life, and built-in dispenser functionality offer a premium level of performance. With fast print speeds up to 5 ips and compatibility across various operating systems, the PV3’s rugged design can withstand drops up to 7 feet and is IP54 rated, proving its worth in the toughest environments.

SATO PV4 Portable Barcode Label Printer

The PV4 sets a new standard for 4-inch mobile label printing with its full-color LCD, extra capacity battery, and large media roll capacity. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, its durability and lightweight design ensure productivity and ease of use in applications such as inventory management, picking, packaging, and shipping. With third-party emulation capabilities and multiple wireless interfaces, the PV4 facilitates seamless integration into existing workflows.

SATO PV4NX Portable Barcode Label Printer

The PW4NX is a robust 4-inch label printer that combines the speed of desktop printers with exceptional durability. Designed with AEP, NFC communication, and iOS support, it’s built to withstand high-impact drops, dust, and water, making it perfect for dynamic environments. The large color screen and easy maintenance features set the PW4NX apart, offering fast, durable, and intelligent mobile printing solutions that exceed expectations.

What Portable Printers Best For Canadian Business

SATO's portable direct thermal barcode label printers are the optimal choice for Canadian businesses seeking mobility without sacrificing quality. Their durability, flexibility, and efficiency make them invaluable across various industries, ensuring that Canadian companies remain competitive and agile in fast-paced environments.

SATO Top Selling Portable Printers In Canada

MPN Model Width DPI Configuration Price
WWPW2500G PW2NX 2-Inch Direct Thermal 203 PW2NX  $     1,662.00
WWPW24122 PW2NX 2-Inch Direct Thermal 203 PW2NX + WLAN  $     1,780.00
WWPV31260 PV3 3-Inch Direct Thermal 203 PV3 + Bluetooth v4.1 LE   $     1,078.00
WWPV31280 PV3 3-Inch Direct Thermal 203 PV3 + Bluetooth v4.1 LE & WLAN (802.11 a/b/g/n)  $     1,293.00
WWPV41260 PV4 4-Inch Direct Thermal 203 PV4 + Bluetooth v5.0 LE  $     1,488.00
WWPV41280 PV4 4-Inch Direct Thermal 203 PV4 + Bluetooth v5.0 LE & WLAN (802.11 a/b/g/n)  $     1,703.00
WWPW41001 PW4NX 4-Inch Direct Thermal 203 PW4NX  $     1,863.00