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Pigment Inkjet Color Label Printers

Pigment inkjet color label printers use pigment-based inks that bond well with matte surfaces such as matte paper, matte polypropylene, or matte chemical label stock. Pigment inkjet color label printers have also been GHS certified, which means that when used with specific labels like our GHS BS5609 chemical labels, you can produce a fully waterproof label that can be immersed in saltwater or withstand long-term exposure to chemicals or UV light. Pigment inkjet color label printers are ideal for producing labels for outdoor applications.

Advantages of Pigment Inkjet Color Label Printers

One of the biggest benefits of using a pigment inkjet color label printer is its ability to produce extremely durable color labels for harsh environments, especially when used with GHS BS5609 chemical labels. Pigment inkjet color label printers are also quite versatile, allowing you to print everything from medical and specimen labels to event tickets, wristbands, retail tags, name badges, and more on demand. The printed labels and tags don’t smudge or smear and are immediately ready for application as soon as they are printed.

Disadvantages of Pigment Inkjet Color Label Printers

The colors produced tend to be duller than labels printed with dye-based inks. The pigment ink generally does not bond well with glossy coated synthetic materials like polypropylene, polyester, and clear label materials. Some of the pigment inkjet color label printers will allow you to print on these materials; however, we recommend that you first test for your application to confirm the labels will meet your durability requirements.

While you can print hundreds of labels at once with most of pigment inkjet color label printers, there’s only one solution on the market that we consider to be a pigment inkjet label press: the NeuraLabel 300x color label printer combined with the optional Unwinder/Rewinder. This combination converts the NeuraLabel 300x into a pigment inkjet-based label press that can be used with a digital finishing system like the Scorpio. This setup serves as a low-cost solution for GHS BS5609 label production.

Whether you need to print a handful of durable labels and tags at a time or thousands, DuraFast Label Company sells several excellent pigment inkjet color label printers to meet your needs. Browse the selection below or contact a DuraFast sales consultant for assistance.