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Epson Label Printers

Epson Colour Label Printers

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DuraFast Label Company is excited to introduce you to the latest in label printing technology. Epson ColorWorks label printers offer a variety of features and benefits. For example, Epson PrecisionCore technology and Epson DuraBrite inks deliver fast print speeds, better print quality, fast drying times, smudge-free prints, and water, oil, and chemical resistance. Several printers even have a gloss option for those who need to print on glossy media.

ColorWorks Colour Label Printing Solutions

Epson colour label printers are the perfect solution for a variety of business printing needs. With multiple models available to meet your needs, an Epson colour label printer fits any budget.

The Epson ColorWorks colour label printers offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Outstanding print quality — Epson colour printers offer vibrant colors, sharp text, and exceptional durability.
  • Reliability — The Epson name has been a symbol of quality for decades. Their printers are known for their reliability and build quality. Plus, extended and upgraded warranty options are available for even greater peace of mind.
  • Eco-friendly choice — Epson is committed to being environmentally friendly and offers a recycling program for ink cartridges. Epson's heat-free technology uses less energy than competing laser label printers. Many Epson printers are Energy Star qualified.
  • Blank labels, accessories, and supplies — DuraFast Label Company manufactures blank labels for all of the Epson colour label printers that we sell, ensuring that you have a large selection of matte or glossy labels to choose from. We also have unwinders and rewinders, label finishing systems, replacement ink cartridges, label design software, and more.

Epson ColorWorks colour label printers use pigment-based inks. They are typically used to print durable industrial and healthcare labels as well as GHS chemical drum labels, horticulture labels, and outdoor labels. Pigment-based inks have properties that make them more resistant to water, oils, scratches, abrasions, rough handling, and chemicals than dye-based inks.




Printer Description

Max Resolution

/ Max Speed


CW-C6000A Gloss

4 inch color label printer - Autocutter - Gloss

1200 dpi / 5 ips


CW-C6000A Matte

4 inch color label printer - Autocutter - Matte

1200 dpi / 5 ips


CW-C6000P Gloss

4 inch color label printer - Peeler - Gloss

1200 dpi / 5 ips


CW-C6000P Matte

4 inch color label printer - Peeler - Matte

1200 dpi / 5 ips


CW-C6500A Gloss

8 inch color label printer - Autocutter - Gloss

1200 dpi / 5 ips


CW-C6500A Matte

8 inch color label printer - Autocutter - Matte

1200 dpi / 5 ips


CW-C6500P Gloss

8 inch color label printer - Peeler - Gloss

1200 dpi / 5 ips


CW-C6500P Matte

8 inch color label printer - Peeler - Matte

1200 dpi / 5 ips







4 inch color label printer

720 dpi / 3.7 ips



4 inch color label printer - Matte

1200 dpi / 11.7 ips



4 inch color label printer - Gloss

1200 dpi / 11.7 ips

Epson ColorWorks C3500 Colour Label Printer

The Epson TM-C3500 has been a popular 4-inch colour label printer for high mix, low volume applications in healthcare, retail, warehouse and logistics, small manufacturers, event managers, and other businesses in Canada. It is commonly used to print GHS labels, event tickets and wristbands, visitor passes, retail tags, and barcode labels.

The Epson TM-C3500 colour inkjet label printer has a compact, robust design that's perfect for commercial use. It has a fast print speed of up to 4 inches per second and uses individual ink cartridges. The TM-C3500 handles just about any label printing application imaginable, including GHS BS5609 labels. This printer accepts both fan-folded sheets and large label rolls. The Epson TM-C3500 prints labels from 1.2 inches to 4.4 inches across.

Epson ColorWorks TM-C7500 and TM-C7000G Colour Label Printers

Available in either a matte (C7500) or a gloss (C7500G) version, these 1200 dpi colour label printers are built for heavy industrial use. Typical applications for the matte version include GHS chemical labels and industrial labels, while the gloss version is intended for printing prime product labels. Note that the inks are not interchangeable.

Epson ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G colour label printers offer reliability and powerful productivity with fast, full-colour printing for tight deadlines. These printers can easily handle both low- and high-volume production requirements, including the production of labels with variable data at speeds of up to 11.8" per second. The matte version produces durable labels that meet GHS BS5609 certification standards so that they won't smudge, smear, or fade, even when subjected to harsh environmental conditions.

Epson C7500 printers feature high-yield ink cartridges for fewer interventions, less waste, and improved cost-efficiency. The C7500 uses black pigment ink for matte media, and the C7500G uses a special formula of black pigment ink for glossy media.

Epson C6000 and C6500 Colour Inkjet Label Printers

Epson C6000 and C6500 colour label printers are designed to replace the black and white thermal printers commonly used in enterprise label printing environments. These ColorWorks label printers bring much-needed colour to the mix, eliminating the need for preprinted labels while boosting productivity with remote printer management support for ZPL II, SAP, and enterprise middleware.

Though these are colour inkjet printers rather than thermal, they offer a low cost per label.

The C6000 series features 4-inch printers with either an auto-cutter (C6000A) or a peeler (C6000P). The C6500 series printers are 8-inch printers, also available with an auto-cutter (C6500A) or peeler (C6500P).

All of the models are available as either a matte or gloss version. The matte versions of the printers produce deeper blacks and use a more durable black pigment ink than the gloss versions. As the name implies, the matte printers are for use with matte media, and the gloss printers are for use with glossy media. The inks are not interchangeable, so make sure to select the correct printer type for your use case.

Epson Warranty Upgrades and Extensions

Epson ColorWorks printers typically come with a one-year limited, service depot warranty. That warranty can be upgraded and extended.

  • Depot warranty — This warranty, which can be extended for a total of up to 5 years, requires you to ship your printer to the service depot for warranty service.
  • Spare in the Air warranty (SITA) — With this warranty, should your printer require warranty service, Epson will ship a replacement to you the next business day. This coverage is available for up to 5 years.
  • Onsite warranty — With this warranty available for up to 5 years, Epson will dispatch a technician to your location the next business day to repair your printer onsite.

There is a lot to consider when deciding on a label printer, and we want you to know that DuraFast Label Company has all the latest printing technology. We recommend Epson ColorWorks colour label printers because PrecisionCore technology and Epson DuraBrite inks offer outstanding print quality, fast drying times, less smudging, durability when exposed to water or oil-based products. Learn more about each of the Epson colour label printers below or contact us for assistance.