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Avery / Paxar / Monarch Thermal Transfer Ribbons

In 1995, Pitney Bowes sold Monarch Marking to Paxar. In 2007 Avery Dennison acquired Paxar, the leading maker of fabric product identification labels and permanent care instruction labels used in clothing and textile products.

The Monarch brand was viewed as a simple after thought because Avery truly wanted to expand into the whole pipeline of the retail and industrial supply chain. Monarch has turned out to be a very pleasant surprise for Avery, and investment continues into the company.

All pricing guns and labels are produced and assembled in Ohio. Handheld labeling equipment remains the dominate product line for Monarch.

Current products (in addition to conventional pricing guns and labels) include electronic thermal printing systems and supplies, data collection systems, and security systems. These products incorporate state-of-the-art industry technology such as RFID. These printers are referred to as Avery Dennison Monarch Tabletop Printers.

DuraFast Label Company has a large selection of thermal transfer ribbons for Avery, Paxar, and Monarch thermal printers including the Monarch 9401 thermal printer and Monarch 9800 series printers. We have many Avery, Paxar, and Monarch thermal transfer ribbon rolls in stock at our Toronto, Ontario facility in Canada.

We are pleased to offer a variety of thermal transfer ribbon types including wax, wax-resin, resin, and near-edge thermal ribbons. All Avery Dennison Monarch thermal ribbons are sold by the carton. Whether you’re looking for thermal ribbons for a specific Avery Dennison Monarch or Paxar thermal printer or would like to order rolls of TR4085plus Resin Enhanced Wax ribbons in a specific length, DuraFast Label Company is here to help.

Get a Free Sample of Our Avery Paxar Monarch Thermal Ribbon

We are happy to provide ribbon samples so you can test before buying. Simply send us an email with your mailing address, Avery, Paxar, or Monarch printer model number, and label type. All of these ribbons have been tested with Avery Dennison thermal printers for durability and readability.