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Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS): Filling Machines and Materials

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) is a packaging process that uses automated machines to produce packages of various types and sizes. VFFS machines are a type of flow wrapping equipment used for packaging food products, medical products, industrial products, and other consumer goods. Flow-wrapping is ideal for high-volume production environments, allowing for fast packaging of large quantities and short turnaround times.

VFFS Filling Machines

VFFS filling machines are used for the production of packages with three weldings: one longitudinal welding and two cross-weldings. VFFS machines are typically used for packaging loose products, granulated products, doughy products, or hard-to-handle products.

VFFS machines are typically controlled by an industrial PC and include a system of motors, servos, pneumatics, film reel holders, and controls. As with most industrial equipment, different VFFS machines are available with varying features and options. Harpak Ulma makes several popular VFFS machines, including:

  • VTC 700 — The VTC 700 is focused exclusively on industry needs such as ergonomics, easy to clean, low maintenance, and high-quality materials.
  • VTC 800 — Offering optimized work performance, a hygienic design for harsh environments, and patented "vacuum-assist tight bag" technology, the VTC 800 helps obtain the best production rates and high quality.
  • VTC 840 — The VTC 840 machine vacuums the excess air out of pouches before sealing, resulting in tighter packages and minimized product movement to prevent damage.
  • VTI 400 — The VTI 400 is a flexible machine that is used to fill many types of products. This includes food or non-food items in a wide range of packages and sizes.
  • VTI 500 — The VTI 500 VFFS machine is designed for the packing of a variety of products, including liquids, pastes, and powders.
  • VTI 600 and VTI 640 — The newest models of Vertical Form Fill Seal machines have in-built features that will produce a more secure product, reducing risks of contamination, and oxidation. These machines produce fully sealed bags without perforations.

VFFS Films

In addition to VFFS machines, the film is another important component of packaging. DuraFast Label Company stocks SIHL ARTYSIO VFFS films, which are designed for vertical form fill seal machines.

SIHL ARTYSIO 5403 — This is a white polyester-based laminated film used for both food and non-food applications including cereal, tea, chocolate, candy, and detergent. The film white on both the interior and exterior.

SIHL ARTYSIO 5404 — This is another white polyester-based laminated film with a white exterior and a metallic interior barrier. Use SIHL 5404 for products needing barrier protection to maintain their aroma, appearance, and freshness such as tea, herbs, spices, nuts, dry pet food, and detergents.

SIHL ARTYSIO 5413 —This is a polypropylene-based white laminated film with white on both sides. It is commonly used for candy, cereal, tea, chocolate, and detergents.

SIHL ARTYSIO 5443 — This is a polyester-based laminated white film with an aluminum layer offering a high water vapor and oxygen barrier. Use this film for free-flowing products such as dry dog food and coffee.

Afinia FP-230 Flexible Packaging Press

Not only do you need a VFFS machine and compatible VFFS films to create flexible packaging like pouches, bags, and sleeves, you need a printer capable of printing your product information and branding on flexible film materials. Traditional flexographic printers are one option, but they can be expensive and are typically used for large-scale industrial applications.

Afinia offers a more affordable option with the FP-230 Flexible Packaging Press, which is designed to work specifically in small-and mid-sized packaging environments. The FP-230 digital flexible packaging press offers high-quality printing on flexible materials at an economical price point without sacrificing performance or features.

The Afinia FP-230 is the perfect solution for printing your own flexible packaging on demand. It is powered by the Afinia L901 Plus Memjet printer, which offers print speeds of up to 18 meters per minute and high resolution 1600 dpi prints in full color. The inks comply with EU and FDA food regulations. The FP-230 comes with an unwinder and rewinder for roll-to-roll flexible packaging printing, an in-line laminator, and a slitter. It supports a print width of 8.5 inches and holds rolls with an outside diameter of 10 inches.

With the Afinia FP-230, it's possible to print rolls of flexible packaging on demand in small and medium-sized print runs. Your printed rolls can be laminated and slit directly on the FP-230, then wound onto cores ready for use with a VFFS (or HFFS) pouch-making machine.

If you're looking to increase productivity, reduce costs, or save time on laborious tasks like manually filling packages with loose product, then the VFFS process may be right for you. DuraFast Label Company can help you find the right VFFS solution for your specific needs. To learn more about our supplies or to place an order, browse our website or contact us for more information.