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Thermal Transfer Labels (Requires Ribbon )

DuraFast Label Company offers a large selection of thermal transfer barcode labels to customers across Canada. The thermal transfer barcode labels listed here are compatible with a wide range of Canada’s top-selling thermal transfer and barcode label printers including SATO, Zebra, Printronix, Honeywell, Intermec, GoDex, CAB, Toshiba, TEC, Avery, Monarch, Datamax, and more. These thermal transfer labels are formulated specifically for thermal transfer technologies and thermal transfer ribbons.

When buying thermal transfer labels from us, you’ll find a variety of choices including:

-   Continuous or pre-die-cut thermal transfer labels

-   Core size — Most are available on 3-inch (for most industrial thermal transfer label and barcodes printers) or 1-inch cores (for most desktop thermal transfer barcode label printers)

-   Outside diameter — The larger 3-inch-core label rolls usually have an outside diameter (OD) of 8 inches while the 1-inch-core label rolls usually have an outside diameter of 4 inches (for all desktop thermal transfer label printers) or 5 inches (for many desktop thermal transfer label printers or for use with a compatible external label holder)

-   Fan-folded thermal transfer labels — If you prefer fan-folded sheets rather than rolls, these come in a carton and are compatible with both industrial and desktop thermal transfer label printers.

-   Label sizes and shapes — We have a variety of shapes and sizes available.

-   Label material type — Choose from paper, polyester, tag, polypropylene, semi-gloss, and flood-coated label materials.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Also Available

To complete our selection of thermal transfer labels, we also sell thermal transfer ribbons, which are required when printing thermal transfer labels. We have wax, wax-resin, and resin ribbons compatible with all of the leading thermal transfer brands sold in Canada. Generally speaking, wax ribbons are used with paper label materials and wax-resin and resin labels are used with synthetic label materials.

Request Custom Thermal Transfer Labels

DuraFast Label Company can also make custom thermal transfer labels upon request in the desired shape, size, core size, label material, or colour. Request a custom thermal transfer label quote.