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Printronix Ribbons | Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Printronix Barcode Label Printers

Printronix Thermal Ribbons

DuraFast Label Company sells thermal ribbons for Printronix barcode label printers such as the Printronix 2204 and the Printronix T5000. Choose from economical standard wax Printronix ribbons, wax-resin enhanced thermal ribbons, premium wax-resin ribbons, and more. Many are in stock and can be shipped within one business day.

Printronix Industrial Printer ribbons are available for the following models:

Printer Model


Max Length


T8000 Industrial

Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin


1” (24.4mm)

T6000 Industrial

Ink Out, Ink In


1” (24.4mm)

T4000 Industrial

Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin


1” (24.4mm)

T800 Desktop RFID

Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin


1” (24.4mm) or ½”

T600 Desktop

Ink Out



Get a Free Printronix Ribbon Sample

We can send you a free thermal ribbon sample for your Printronix printers upon request. Just let us know what model printer you have, what type of labels you will be using, and where to send mail the Printronix ribbon sample.

Unmatched Quality - Printronix Ribbons for Optimal Barcode Printing

Durafast Label Company - your ultimate one-stop destination for all your printing needs. We are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of high-quality Printronix Ribbons, perfectly designed for the exceptional range of Printronix thermal transfer barcode label printers. Our products provide uncompromising reliability, ensuring seamless operation and high-quality printouts every single time.

Exceptional Range for All Printronix Barcode Label Printers

At Durafast Label, we believe in versatility. Our extensive range of Printronix Thermal Transfer Ribbons caters to all Printronix thermal transfer barcode label printers, including:

  • Printronix T8000 Ribbons - Max 625-meter ribbon supported by T8000 series printers
  • Printronix T6000 Ribbons - Max 450-meter ribbons supported by T6000 series printers
  • Printronix T5000 Ribbons - Max 450-meter ribbons supported by T5000 series printers
  • Printronix T4000 Ribbons - Max 450-meter ribbons supported by T4000 series printers
  • Printronix T800 Ribbons - Max 300-meter ribbons supported by T800 desktop printers
  • Printronix T600 Ribbons - Max 110-meter ribbons supported by T600 desktop printers

Whether you need to print shipping labels, inventory tags, or retail labels, our ribbons can ensure optimum performance across all these series of Printronix barcode printers.

Precision-Made Printronix Ribbons - Wax, Wax/Resin, and Resin

Understanding that different printing applications require different types of thermal transfer ribbons, we carry a comprehensive selection of Printronix ribbon types to suit any need:

Printronix Wax Ribbons - Ideal for general purpose printing, our Printronix wax ribbons deliver crisp and dark images on a wide range of facestocks. These ribbons are perfect for low-energy printing applications, such as shipping labels, retail tags, and basic barcode labels.

Printronix Wax/Resin Ribbons - For a more durable printing solution, consider our Printronix wax/resin ribbons. Offering excellent resistance to smearing, scratching and moderate chemicals, these ribbons are perfect for laboratory labels, pharmaceutical labels, and outdoor applications.

Printronix Resin Ribbons - For the most demanding applications, we recommend our Printronix resin ribbons. These ribbons provide superior resistance to heat, abrasion, and harsh chemicals, making them perfect for asset tracking labels, medical labels, and high-density barcode labels.

Printronix Ribbons: Unparalleled Quality, Reliable Performance

All our Printronix Thermal Transfer Ribbons are genuine products, guaranteeing reliable performance, excellent print quality, and longevity. Designed for superior backcoat technology, they prevent static buildup and prolong printhead life, ensuring your Printronix printer consistently delivers top performance.

Choose Durafast Label Company for all your Printronix Ribbon needs in Canada. Shop with us and experience the Durafast difference: unmatched quality, outstanding customer service, and competitive prices. Order your Printronix Ribbons today!