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Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) Flexible Packaging Films

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) Flexible Packaging FilmsWhat if you could have your product packaging printed in minutes instead of days? What if you could produce custom or seasonal packaging as well as standard designs? Imagine not needing to store pre-printed packaging for every product you manufacture.

Horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines, materials, and flexible packaging printers are used to produce flexible packaging such as food and beverage pouches on demand. With digital flexible packaging printers coming to market, many small and mid-size manufacturers are starting to bring flexible packaging systems in-house rather than ordering pre-printed materials from a third party. Here's what you need to know about producing your own HFFS packaging.

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (HFFS)

Form fill seal machines are set up for either vertical or horizontal applications. With HFFS, the film moves through the machine horizontally whereas the film moves through vertically with vertical form fit seal machines. HFFS machines create pouches from a roll of flexible film, food products, detergents, and other goods are then added to the pouch and then sealed using zippers, caps, or other types of seals.

An industrial PC controls the HFFS's components. Various manufacturers make HFFS machines including Harpak Ulma, which currently sells 20 different HFFS models for a wide range of flexible packaging needs including:

  • Vacuum packaging
  • Side seal zippers
  • Meat stretch shrink wrapping
  • Frozen fish packaging
  • Cheese shrink wrapping
  • Vacuum shrink bags
  • Confectionery 3-sealing pillow packs
  • Hermetic pillow packs for fresh food in a modified atmosphere (MAP)

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (HFFS) Films

HFFS machines use large rolls of film materials to create flexible packaging. DuraFast Label Company carries the following SIHL ARTYSIO HFFS films designed specifically for HFFS machines.

  • ARTYSIO 5402—This is a white polyester based laminated film with an easy opening and good barrier for water vapor. 5402 is commonly used for print and pack applications like cereals, confectionery, chocolate, and tea. Designed for HFFS machines.
  • ARTYSIO 5552— This is a white polypropylene based laminated film with an easy opening and good barrier for water vapor and aroma. 5552 offers maximum product safety and very strong seals. 5552 is commonly used for print and pack applications like cereals, confectionery, chocolate, and tea. 5552 film can be used in both HFFS and VFFS machines.

Sihl’s ARTYSIO films are designed to work with the inkjet-based Afinia FP-230 digital flexible packaging press, offering numerous benefits to Canadian manufacturers including the ability to print flexible packaging on demand. These films are ideal for smaller production runs with variable data or mixed designs.

Afinia FP-230 Flexible Packaging Press

The Afinia FP-230 flexible packaging press features a digital inkjet printer (the Afinia L901 Plus), an unwinder and rewinder, lamination, and a slitter. This affordable solution allows for on-demand flexible packaging production with a variety of materials from SIHL. The FP-230 digital press prints at speeds up to 60 feet per minute, and is capable of printing custom graphics or logos in full color at 1600 dpi. Whether you need to print a small batch of pouches or if you're looking to print hundreds or thousands, the FP-230 digital flexible packaging press is the right fit.

The Afinia FP-230 digital flexible packaging press is the perfect choice for Canadian manufacturers looking to reduce dependence on third-party suppliers while saving money and time. DuraFast Label Company is an official supplier of the Afinia FP-230 digital press and carries a wide range of SIHL ARTYSIO films designed for use in HFFS machines. Browse our selection below or contact our flexible packaging specialists to learn more.