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Best Two-Sided Thermal Shipping Label Printers

Two-Sided Thermal Shipping Label Printers. Front is shipping label and back is packing slip

What are the advantages of using 2-sided thermal paper?

Using 2-sided thermal paper for shipping labels reduces waste by allowing more content per label, increases efficiency as both sides can be utilized, and saves costs as fewer labels are needed. It's eco-friendly, practical, and cost-effective for businesses with high shipping volumes.

Key Highlights

Are you tired of the hassle of printing shipping labels for your e-commerce business? Say goodbye to the old ways and welcome the efficiency of two-sided thermal shipping label printers! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of thermal printing technology, highlighting its evolution and how two-sided printing works. Discover the numerous advantages these printers offer, such as streamlining your shipping processes and reducing material waste with linerless labels.

We will also shine a spotlight on two top-notch models, the Toshiba DL1024 and SATO GY412, showcasing their unique features that revolutionize label printing in the e-commerce industry. Learn about the environmental benefits of using two-sided thermal paper, including cutting down on plastic usage and promoting sustainability through linerless labels.

Curious about implementing these printers into your operations? We've got you covered with insights on setup and best practices for optimal results. Dive into real-world case studies from e-commerce giants to see the impact these printers can have on businesses like yours. Join us on this journey to discover a more efficient and sustainable way to handle your shipping needs!


Two-sided direct thermal paper is revolutionizing the way e-commerce businesses operate, offering a range of benefits and advantages that streamline processes, reduce waste, and enhance the customer experience. This innovative technology allows for thermal printing on both sides of the paper, providing more information on a single receipt or label.

One of the key advantages of two-sided direct thermal paper is its durability. It is water-resistant, heat-resistant, and fade-resistant, making it ideal for use in various environments and ensuring that the information remains intact for a longer period of time. This means that receipts and labels printed on two-sided direct thermal roll paper won't easily tear when wet or damaged by high temperatures, providing a more reliable and professional look. Additionally, this type of thermal paper is commonly used for printing receipts, making it a popular choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient way to generate receipts for their customers.

In addition to its durability, two-sided direct thermal paper offers significant advantages for e-commerce businesses. It can streamline shipping and packing processes by providing all the necessary information on a single label, eliminating the need for multiple labels or additional paperwork. This not only saves time but also reduces the chance of errors or miscommunication during the shipping process. With the use of high-quality thermal printers such as the Epson TM-T88 series, businesses can ensure clear and accurate printing for their shipping labels on thermal paper rolls.

Furthermore, two-sided direct thermal paper helps reduce material waste with the use of linerless labels. These labels do not require backing paper or liner, resulting in less waste and environmental impact. This is particularly important in the e-commerce industry, where packaging materials contribute to a significant amount of waste.

Overall, two-sided direct thermal paper provides a cost-effective solution for businesses by reducing material costs in the long run. It also enhances the customer experience by improving package handling and offering customization options for branding and returns. With its numerous benefits, two-sided direct thermal paper is becoming increasingly popular in the e-commerce industry, with many thermal printer OEMs committing to this technology, including NCR, Zebra, Toshiba TEC, and Hengstler-HECON.

Understanding Two-Sided Thermal Shipping Label Printer Technology

Two-Sided Thermal Shipping Label Printer Technology utilizes innovative 2-Sided thermal paper labels for efficient printing. Evolution in thermal printing has led to the development of two-sided printing capabilities. These printers work by applying heat to the thermal paper, creating images on both sides simultaneously. This technology ensures clear and durable shipping labels, making it ideal for e-commerce operations seeking efficient packing lists and reduced material waste. These printers have two thermal printheads, one to print on the front shipping label and a second printhead on the back to print the packing list or the back label. The two printheads print simultaneously as the label passes through the printer.

The Evolution of Thermal Printing

Thermal printing has undergone significant evolution, advancing in technology and efficiency over the years. From its inception as a method for cash registers to its widespread use in 4x6 shipping labels and receipts, thermal printing has become a staple in various industries. The transition from traditional printing methods to thermal technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate, emphasizing speed, clarity, and cost-effectiveness. Today, thermal printing is used in a variety of applications, including printing cash register rolls, receipts, thermal rolls, and shipping labels.

How Two-Sided Thermal Printing Works

Two-sided thermal printing involves a specialized process where a thermal printer applies heat to two sides of thermal paper or a thermal shipping label simultaneously. The two thermal printheads inside the printer use heat to create images or text on both sides of the paper or label, allowing for efficient printing of shipping labels with content on either face. This method ensures that crucial information such as addresses, barcodes, and tracking details can be printed on both sides of the paper, enhancing the usability and versatility of the labels. The front label is generally used as the shipping label for UPS, Fedex, Canada Post, and Purolator, and the back label can be customized for use as a packing list or return label, for example, using a specialized thermal printer.

The Advantages of Two-Sided Thermal Shipping Label Printers for E-Commerce

Two-sided thermal shipping label printers offer significant benefits for e-commerce businesses. They streamline shipping and packing list label processes efficiently, saving time and increasing operational productivity. By utilizing linerless shipping labels, they contribute to reducing material waste and promoting eco-friendly practices. These printers play a crucial role in enhancing the overall efficiency of e-commerce operations, ensuring smooth logistics and customer satisfaction. Transitioning to two-sided thermal paper is a smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their shipping processes and minimize environmental impact.

Streamlining Shipping and Packing Label Processes

Efficiently streamlining shipping and packing label processes is crucial for e-commerce operations. Two-sided thermal paper technology optimizes this workflow by allowing simultaneous printing of shipping details and barcodes on a single label. This eliminates the need for separate labels, increasing accuracy and saving time during the packaging process. By integrating two-sided thermal label printers, businesses can enhance their logistics efficiency and ensure smooth order fulfillment. Simplifying labeling tasks contributes significantly to overall operational productivity and customer satisfaction.

Reducing Material Waste with Linerless Shipping Labels

Linerless shipping labels are designed to minimize material waste by eliminating the need for backing paper or liners typically found in traditional label rolls. These innovative labels are adhesive-backed and can be printed directly without any additional support, reducing overall waste generation. By using linerless labels, e-commerce businesses can contribute to environmental conservation efforts by reducing the volume of paper products that end up as waste. This eco-friendly approach aligns with sustainable practices in packaging and shipping.

Spotlight on Toshiba DL1024 and SATO GY412 Duplex Label Printers

Toshiba DL1024 sets a new standard in label printing, combining efficiency and versatility. The SATO GY412 excels in customization and speed, ideal for diverse label needs. Both models offer cutting-edge technology for seamless e-commerce operations, ensuring precision and quality in every print. Businesses benefit from enhanced productivity and reduced costs, making Toshiba and SATO standout choices for two-sided thermal label printing solutions.

Toshiba DL1024: Revolutionizing Label Printing

The Toshiba DL1024 two-sided thermal label printer stands out for its cutting-edge technology, offering unparalleled efficiency in label printing processes. With its advanced features and high-quality output, this Industrial 4" Duplex Linerless Printer revolutionizes label printing for e-commerce businesses. The front label uses direct thermal print technology, while the back label uses thermal transfer print technology. With no liner waste, this printer will help with environmental impact. From streamlining shipping labels to optimizing packing processes, the Toshiba DL1024 enhances operational productivity and accuracy. Its innovative design and functionality make it a top choice for businesses seeking to elevate their shipping operations with superior label printing capabilities.

SATO GY412: Efficiency Meets Customization

SATO GY412 excels in blending efficiency with customization, catering to diverse e-commerce needs. The printer's versatility allows for tailored label designs, enhancing brand identity. Its high-speed performance ensures swift processing, making it ideal for busy shipping environments. With intuitive controls and advanced settings, users can optimize label outputs to meet specific requirements with ease. SATO GY412 stands out for its seamless integration into existing workflows, offering a balance between productivity and personalized labeling solutions. Additionally, the SATO GY412 two-sided thermal printer features two printheads, both utilizing direct thermal print technology. This makes the SATO GY412 an excellent option for small to midsize e-commerce companies looking to integrate their shipping label and packing list into a single label.

Environmental Benefits of Using Two-Sided Thermal Paper

Using two-sided thermal paper offers several environmental benefits, making it a sustainable choice for e-commerce businesses. Firstly, it helps in cutting down on plastic use in shipping. By using two-sided thermal paper for shipping labels and receipts, businesses can reduce the need for plastic-based labels and packaging materials. Secondly, two-sided thermal paper is free from bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful chemical commonly found in traditional thermal paper. BPA can have negative effects on the environment and human health, making it important to use BPA-free options like two-sided thermal paper for a healthier and more sustainable environment. Additionally, two-sided thermal paper has a 48 gram basis weight and a 2.3 mil caliper (thickness), making it a lightweight and eco-friendly option for shipping labels.

Cutting Down on Plastic Use in Shipping

One of the significant environmental benefits of using two-sided thermal paper in e-commerce operations is the reduction in plastic use in shipping. Traditional shipping labels and receipts are often made with plastic-based materials, contributing to plastic waste and pollution. By using two-sided thermal paper for shipping labels and receipts, businesses can eliminate the need for plastic-based labels and packaging materials. This not only helps in reducing plastic waste but also promotes a more sustainable shipping process. Additionally, two-sided thermal paper is water-resistant, heat-resistant, and fade-resistant, ensuring that the shipping labels and receipts remain intact and legible throughout the shipping process. By cutting down on plastic use in shipping, e-commerce businesses can contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly industry.

Promoting Sustainability with Linerless Labels

Another way two-sided thermal paper promotes sustainability in e-commerce operations is through the use of linerless labels. Linerless labels are self-adhesive labels that do not require a backing liner, reducing waste and environmental impact. These labels can be easily printed on two-sided thermal paper, providing businesses with a sustainable labeling solution. Linerless labels not only eliminate the need for a liner but also reduce the use of adhesive, making them more environmentally friendly. By using two-sided thermal paper and linerless labels, e-commerce businesses can minimize their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. The Toshiba Tec DL1024 Linerless Dual Sided Printer is the best option for printing linerless shipping labels for midsize to large e-commerce businesses in Canada.


In the realm of e-commerce, the adoption of two-sided thermal paper technology redefines efficiency, sustainability, and customer experience. By minimizing material waste and streamlining operations, businesses in Canada can enhance their shipping processes and reduce costs significantly. With the integration of innovative printers like the Toshiba DL1024 and the SATO GY412, companies can achieve both customization and environmental benefits. This transformative approach not only cuts down on plastic usage but also elevates brand visibility through tailored packaging. Embracing two-sided thermal paper empowers e-commerce enterprises to optimize their printing solutions and elevate their operations to new heights of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Two-Sided Thermal Shipping Label Printers Different?

Two-sided thermal shipping label printers stand out due to their efficient printing on both sides, reducing material waste and streamlining processes. Their unique ability to print dual-sided labels sets them apart for e-commerce operations. When you use two-sided thermal shipping labels, you can now combine your shipping label (the front label) and a confidential packing list (the back label) into a single label. There is no need to attach a plastic pouch and insert a separate packing list.

Can any printer use two-sided thermal paper?

While most printers cannot use two-sided thermal paper due to the specific technology required, dedicated two-sided thermal label printers like the Toshiba DL1024 and SATO GY412 are designed for this purpose. In order to print two-sided thermal paper or thermal shipping labels, the printer must have two printheads. Standard thermal printers only have one printhead, so they can only print the front of the label. With two-sided thermal printers, they have two thermal printheads: the front printhead prints the shipping label, and the back printhead prints the packing list, return policy, or return label, depending on the business's preferences. They offer efficient duplex printing capabilities essential for producing two-sided thermal labels.

How Does Two-Sided Printing Benefit Return Processes?

Two-sided printing on thermal paper benefits the return process by allowing for the integration of a shipping label on the front and a return label on the back. This provides clear instructions and labels for customers, minimizing the need for customer support calls and streamlining the return process. This ultimately reduces errors and enhances overall customer satisfaction by making returns more convenient and hassle-free.

Are There Any Limitations to Two-Sided Thermal Printing?

Two-sided thermal printing has certain restrictions. The upfront investment for obtaining suitable printers and paper can be higher. Moreover, sourcing two-sided thermal paper might pose difficulties due to its limited availability compared to one-sided thermal paper. Nevertheless, businesses in need of top-notch printing and long-lasting receipts or labels find that the long-term advantages and cost efficiency surpass these drawbacks. DuraFast Label Company sells the complete solution with double-sided printers and thermal double-sided labels in Canada. Durafast can customize these labels to customers' requirements, so work with Durafast on your double-sided printers and labels.

How Can Businesses Transition to Two-Sided Thermal Printing Solutions?

Businesses can transition to two-sided thermal printing solutions by first ensuring that their printers are compatible with two-sided thermal paper. They can then gradually introduce two-sided thermal paper into their printing operations, starting with a small batch and evaluating the results. This allows for a smooth transition and adaptation to the new printing solution.