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Flexible Packaging Printers

For Canadian manufacturers, flexible packaging is a great way to cut costs and do more with less. As a result, many manufacturers, converters, and brands in Canada are turning to flexible packaging as a way to stand out from competitors and satisfy consumers who continue to demand innovative and more sustainable packaging.

What is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging is a type of package that can be squeezed without breaking. It's commonly used in the food, cosmetics, cannabis and pharmaceutical industries for a wide range of products, making them safer and more convenient for consumers. The benefits of flexible packaging include:

  • Reduced waste during shipping since the packaging is more compact. This saves on fuel and operating costs, as well as reduces environmental pollution from transportation emissions. In addition, manufacturing flexible packaging requires less water and energy and typically results in less consumer waste.
  • The package can be safely squished without causing damage to product inside. This prevents contamination of other products in the shipment or at retail venues such as grocery stores that stock different types of products.
  • The product's shelf life is extended, as the package does not break or leak and maintains its shape when stored on a retail display table.

Canadian manufacturers are able to reach more consumers by targeting different product niches and exporting beyond their borders. The benefits of flexible packaging can't be understated — it's a win-win situation.

What Do You Need to Print Your Own Flexible Packaging?

In the past, you needed a commercial solution based on flexography, rotogravure, or lithography to print flexible packaging. Unfortunately, these solutions are costly and out of reach for many smaller manufacturers. The market for flexible packaging printers is maturing, however, and digital flexible printing solutions have arrived.

DuraFast Label Company provides excellent options for flex packaging, including the latest collaboration between Afinia Label and Sihl. The result: an affordable digital flexible packaging press designed for small and mid-sized manufacturers. Rather than using rigid bottles, boxes, and labels, the new press allows you to affordably print pouches and flexible packaging — on demand.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • Afinia FP-230 flexible packaging press — This press is powered by the Afinia L901 Plus Memjet label printer and equipped with everything you need to print your own flexible packaging in-house. The press includes the Afinia L901 Plus CMYK colour printer, an unwinder and rewinder, in-line lamination, and a slitter. Use the Afinia FP-230 to print custom flexible packaging in-house. The printed pouches can be rolled up for storage or used right away in a fill-and-form machine.
  • ARTYSIO films by SihlSihl's ARTYSIO films feature a sustainable plastic-based material that works beautifully with Afinia's water-based inks. These films are optimized for the Afinia FP-230 and are perfect for small production runs, customization, and variable print jobs. Set up is a breeze, and there's no need to store pre-printed packaging materials as you can print flexible pouches as needed.

DuraFast Label Company has everything you need to bring flexible packaging production in-house, including the Afinia FP-230, a large selection of ARTYSIO films, Memjet inks and printheads, lamination film, blank labels, and more. Please stop by our Toronto showroom, order online, or talk to a Durafast Label Company flexible packaging specialist today.