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Textile Fabric Ribbons | Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR) for Fabrics and Textile Labels

At Durafast Label Company, we specialize in providing top-notch Resin TTR ribbons meticulously crafted for textiles. These premium ribbons not only produce vibrant and sharp prints but are also engineered to resist the challenges of washing and dry cleaning, ensuring that your labels retain clarity and integrity throughout their lifecycle.

Why Choose Our Resin Textile Ribbons?

Our Resin TTR ribbons are designed with a specific focus on durability and adaptability. Whether you're in the garment care industry, producing preprinted tags, or labeling electronic components, our textile fabric ribbons offer the resilience you require. The versatility of our ribbons ensures that they find applications across a broad spectrum of industries and needs.

Key Applications of Resin Textile Ribbons:

  • Garment Care: Ensuring that care labels remain legible even after multiple washes.
  • Textile Labels: Perfect for branding, information tags, and more.
  • Resists Dry Cleaning: Labels that withstand the chemicals and processes of dry cleaning.
  • Preprinted Tag & Label Stocks: For high-quality, long-lasting prints.
  • Circuit Boards: Ensuring essential information remains intact.
  • Chemical Drums: Resistant labels for containers exposed to harsh chemicals.
  • Electronic Components: Precise and durable labels for intricate parts.
  • Product ID Labels: For clear and consistent product identification.
  • Print & Apply Applications: Ideal for automated labeling processes.
  • Asset Tracking: Labels that last for the lifecycle of the asset.
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical & Healthcare: Trustworthy labeling solutions for critical applications.
  • Outdoor: Weather-resistant labels for external applications.
  • Industrial Applications: Built to withstand industrial environments.
  • Heat Shrink Wrap: Perfect adhesion and clarity for protective wrappings.
  • Automotive: Resilient labels for automotive parts and processes.

When it comes to textile fabric ribbons, Durafast Label Company is your trusted partner. Our commitment to quality ensures that you get only the best for your labeling needs. Trust in our expertise and let us be a part of your labeling success story.

Durafast's Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons For Wash Care Labels

Durafast Label Company is proud to offer Canadian business a wide selection of thermal transfer resin ribbons for wash care and textile labels. Our range of wash care and textile label ribbons includes range of colours from traditional black to vibrant silver, gold, blue, red, green tones, are crafted to cater to the diverse needs of various Canadian industries.

HL101 Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon for Satin Textiles

Description: The HL101 Resin Wash Care Label Ribbon is a standout choice for its adaptability across multiple surfaces such as films, fabrics, plastics, and particularly satins. It's a go-to for those in the textile and fashion industries.
Applications: Especially effective in garment care labeling, this ribbon resists the challenges of dry cleaning, maintaining the integrity and clarity of every label.
Benefits: Its resilience ensures long-lasting legibility, essential for maintaining brand standards and garment care instructions.

HL35 Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon for Fabrics

Description: The HL35 Resin Wash Care Label Ribbon is renowned for its versatility. Whether it's paper, film, coated fabric, or synthetic material, this ribbon handles it all with ease.
Applications: Widely used across industries for garment care labels, product identification, and even in critical fields like pharmaceuticals and healthcare.
Certifications: Complying with global standards such as RoHS, UL, and FDA, HL35 aligns perfectly with the stringent requirements of Canadian markets.
Benefits: A ribbon that promises consistency and quality, making it a trustworthy choice for various Canadian businesses.

HL37 Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon for Fabrics

Description: HL37 Resin Wash Care Label Ribbon, specialized for fabrics like nylon and polyester taffeta, is the ideal solution for wash care labels.
Applications: Its application extends across garment care labels and other textile-related identification needs, suiting the dynamic fabric industry in Canada.
Certifications: Adhering to environmental standards such as RoHS and REACH, it's a ribbon that resonates with the eco-conscious values of Canadian companies.
Benefits: HL37 not only delivers in quality and durability but also upholds environmental responsibility, making it a favored choice in the Canadian market.

For all your wash care label thermal transfer resin ribbon needs in Canada, turn to Durafast Label Company. We're dedicated to delivering excellence and reliability in every ribbon we offer.

Free Textile Resin Ribbon Sample Request at Durafast Canada

At Durafast Label Company, catering to Canadian businesses, we acknowledge the critical role of quality assurance in your labeling processes. To ensure you have the best resin thermal transfer ribbons for the job, we are pleased to offer free samples of our Textile Resin Ribbons. Our selection includes the versatile HL101, HL35, and HL37 ribbons, designed to meet a variety of industrial needs.

How to Request Your Free Sample

Requesting your free sample is straightforward. Fill out our Sample Ribbon Request form with your business details and specify your ribbon preference. Whether it's for garment care labels, product ID tags, or any other application, we have a ribbon to suit your requirements. Once submitted, we'll promptly dispatch your chosen sample right to your doorstep in Canada.

Why Choose Durafast's Textile Resin Ribbons?

This is a golden opportunity to assess the compatibility and performance of our ribbons with your specific applications. Test our products in your real-world setting to experience firsthand their durability, clarity, and overall quality. We're confident that our ribbons will exceed your expectations and enhance your labeling processes.

Don't miss this chance to discover the ideal ribbon solution for your Canadian business. Request your free textile resin ribbon sample today and experience the Durafast difference!