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NeuraLabel 300x GHS Color Label Printer



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NeuraLabel 300x has now been replaced by NeuraLabel 300x ST. The 300x ST model now has a straight paper path which better avoid label jams.

NeuraLabel 300x GHS Color Label Printer

Print in Bulk Today Using the NeuraLabel 300x GHS and BS5609 Label Printer

With over twenty years of engineering in printing and scanning continuous documents going into the development of the NeuraLabel 300x GHS and BS5609 label printer, companies will not find a more efficient, technologically advanced GHS BS5609 label printer. 

In fact, companies that want to ensure that they are only using state of the art label printing technology with a myriad of benefits need look no further when they want to eliminate inventories of pre-printed labels, and that need a fast turn-around from label design to printing. 

The NeuraLabel 300x GHS is an incredibly useful label printer for a wide variety of chemical companies that use extra-large labels for products contained in large drums, pails, IBC’s and more. 

GHS BS5609 compliant, it’s a high-resolution, on-demand, color label printer. Those that want to ensure vivid colors and graphics stand out on their labels will have no trouble at all, since this printer’s resolution goes up to 2400 x 1200 dpi. Moreover, the NeuraLabel 300x GHS is able to print high volumes of labels in very little time. In fact, labels can be printed at a rate of 20 inches per second, which is over 100 letter size labels per minute!

The NeuraLabel 300x GHS uses the most advanced 8.5 inch wide HP Pagewide printhead technology to enable companies to swiftly (on-demand) print labels for large inventories of everything from bulk containers to pails. 

What about ink usage? The answer to this question is that the NeuraLabel 300x GHS and BS5609 label printer uses ink in an extremely efficient manner, thereby saving money in the long-run. In fact, the NeuraLabel 300x pigment ink cartridges are high-yield and help decrease the downtime of operations, while at the same time increasing production turnaround!

A great feature that sets this printer apart from its competition is the fact that it is compatible with all industry standard labeling software. This includes Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, NiceLabel and BarTender. In terms of the media that labels are actually printed on, the NeuraLabel 300x GHS is compatible with a wide variety pressure-sensitive label media that can be fan-folded, roll-to-roll and sheet-fed. Optional NeuraLabel 300x Unwinder/Rewinder system is required to print roll to roll or to use the 300x as a label press. When using the NeuraLabel 300x as a digital label press, you can use the Scorpio SCR22 to digitally cut the labels, slit them, remove matrix and rewind onto individual rolls.

Some other great features purchasers should be aware of include the fact that this printer utilizes pigment-based water-resistant inks. Of course, this will help ensure that all labels meet BS5609 standards for resistance to UV exposure, abrasion, and saltwater immersion! To produce GHS BS5609 compliant labels with the NeuraLabel 300x, you must use with the NeuraLabel 300x Chemical Labels. This combination of the 300x Chemical Labels and the Neuralabels 300x’s pigment ink cartridges together will produce a fully compliant label that will be totally waterproof. If you do not need the GHS BS5609 compliance, then you can also use the NeuraLabel 300x matte labels or NeuraLabel 300x high gloss labels, which are both paper based labels.

However, purchasers need to be aware that the unwinder/rewinder system used with the NeuraLabel 300x GHS is sold separately. This is important to note since using this printer as a label press or printing from roll to roll requires the unwinder/rewinder system.

The bottom line?

The NeuraLabel 300x GHS and BS5609 label printer is a perfect solution for those who need to swiftly print in bulk … today.

Use the NeuraLabel 300x with Pre-Die-Cut Labels (Label Printer)

DuraFast Label Company sells a large selection of pre-die cut labels for the NeuraLabel 300x from GHS BS5609 compliant chemical labels or standard matte and high gloss paper based labels. NeuraLabel 300x die-cut labels can be purchased either in fan-folded cartons used with the standard printer listed here and if you have purchased the optional 300x Unwinder/Rewinder system, we also have NeuraLabel 300x labels on rolls. We can custom make 300x labels to your exact size and material requirements.

Use the NeuraLabel 300x as a Digital Label Press

When you add the optional NeuraLabel 300x Unwinder/Rewinder system to your 300x label printer, you can convert it into a digital label press that will print at 20 inches per second. DuraFast Label Company sells 8.5”x500 feet continuous GHS BS5609 Chemical Label rolls which you can now print on the NeuraLabel 300x and then use the Scorpio SCR22 digital label cutter to die-cut the label, slit them, remove the waster matrix and rewind onto individual rolls.

NeuraLabel 300x Printer Specifications:

Print Resolution:                2400 x 1200 dpi

Printhead Technology:       HP Pagewide Technology (8.5” wide)

Ink Cartridges:                   Pigment inks

Ink Cartridge Yield:            Black @ 9,200 standard pages

                                             Cyan @ 6,600 standard pages

                                             Magenta @ 6,600 standard pages

                                             Yellow @ 6,600 standard pages

Media Type:                         Chemical Labels for GHS BS5609 compliant (special matte polypropylene labels)

                                             Matte & High Gloss paper based labels

                                             Matte polypropylene labels (BOPP)

Label Media Widths:           3” to 8.5”

Label Feed:                          Fan-folded standard (must purchase optional Unwinder/Rewinder to print roll to roll)

Interface:                            USB and Ethernet

Power Supply:                     Built in Universal: 110V or 220V

System Requirement:         Windows (ships with Windows drivers only)

Warranty:                            1 Year depot parts & labor warranty with optional onsite service

How to print on Neuralabel 300x Label Printer