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5 Reasons Why VFFS Machines are the Future of Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

5 Reasons Why VFFS Machines are the Future of Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

Posted by BK on 1st Dec 2021

The world is changing, and the way we package food and pharmaceuticals is changing with it. Vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) machines offer an innovative way to produce food and pharmaceutical packaging. With VFFS technology, manufacturers can reduce costs and increase throughput -- and more. Here are five reasons why VFFS machines are taking over the market.

  1. VFFS machines work well for a variety of industries. They handle loose and liquid materials well and are ideal for packaging everything from food and snacks, beverages, coffee beans, ground coffee, cheese, and beverages to powders, detergents, pet food, cannabis, cosmetics, vitamins, and pharmaceuticals.
  2. VFFS machines automate product packaging. VFFS technology allows manufacturers to automate the packaging process, which helps reduce costs. The compact footprint of a VFFS machine makes it possible for one person to load and unload a machine in a short amount of time. From there, the machine takes over by forming a pouch, filling it with the product, and sealing it. The VFFS machine then cuts and discharges the bag into a bin or conveyor belt (typically sold separately) where it can be weighed, x-rayed, or packed into cartons by downline equipment. Depending on the machine, VFFS is capable of packaging goods at speeds ranging from 30 to 200+ bags per minute.
  3. VFFS machines allow you to create and fill your own flexible packaging in-house. We recommend pairing a VFFS machine with a flexible packaging press, such as the Afinia FP-230 flexible packaging press, and Artysio flexible packaging films. This setup allows you to print your own color packaging materials onto large rolls, complete with company logos, colors, product information, lot numbers, expiration dates, and other information.
  4. VFFS machines are great for SMEs in Canada. They use less space than HFFS (horizontal form, fill, and seal) machines as they tend to be smaller and less expensive than other packaging machines. They are also easy to load, operate, and maintain. VFFS machines have an appealing price range for SMEs who cannot afford expensive manufacturing equipment. For smaller companies in Canada, a VFFS machine can be a great way to start automating the packaging process for foods, beverages, cannabis products, dry pet food, and more.
  5. VFFS machines lock in freshness. Food and pharmaceuticals are both perishable goods. This means that once the product is opened, it must be used quickly or discarded. That's where VFFS machines come into play. With a VFFS machine, you can package food and pharmaceuticals with an airtight seal to keep them fresh for longer periods of time. Not only will this make your products last longer on shelves, but it also cuts down on waste.

Deploying Your New VFFS Machine Effectively

The VFFS machine is a revolutionary solution for the packaging industry. If you are interested in adding one to your production line but do not know how to deploy it effectively, here are some final thoughts

Before installing the machine, make sure that your staff is trained on how to operate it. VFFS machines have many different functionalities. Without proper training, it can be difficult for employees who lack training and experience with machinery to do their jobs efficiently.

Add the Afinia FP-230 flexible packaging press so you can create your own bag and pouch designs. Rather than relying on an external third-party provider, you can create, edit, and print your own designs on demand. Since you do not need to stock a large quantity of preprinted materials, you’re less likely to waste inventory due to packaging changes like ingredient or regulatory changes. In addition, you can print seasonal packaging or offer “white label” products.

Finally, make sure that the VFFS machine is well-maintained. Like all machinery, a VFFS machine requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper function. Schedule routine checkups with your packaging manufacturer or supplier to keep your machine running smoothly.

If you're looking for an affordable way to automate the packaging process for food, beverage, cannabis, coffee, detergent, vitamins, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical products, talk to us. DuraFast Label Company has innovative flexible packaging solutions for businesses throughout Canada.