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Using Label Design Software to Create GHS Labels in Canada

Posted by BK on 26th Jun 2018

Using Label Design Software to Create GHS Labels in Canada

Now that manufacturers and importers in Canada must comply with Canada’s GHS labeling regulations, with distributors slated for mandatory compliance in September 2018, you may be wondering how to ensure that your printed GHS labels contain all of the necessary requirements. Here at DuraFast® Label Company, we highly recommend using GHS label design software such as BarTender or NiceLabel GHS software. These applications include GHS templates and wizards that make designing a GHS-compliant label a snap.

Using BarTender to Design GHS Labels

For example, BarTender includes all of the required symbols, pictograms, descriptions, and signal words. Its sample GHS labels contain fields for everything you will need including:

•Address line

•CAS number

•Fill weight

•Hazard statements

•Lot numbers

•Manufacturer name


•Product identifier

•Precautionary statements

•Signal word

•Supplemental information

•UN number

Using BarTender to create compliant GHS labels is a simple matter of loading the sample template and modifying it to meet your needs. You’ll first need to prepare the GHS database with the information your label will contain. You can do this using a standard text editor or Microsoft Excel. Since BarTender includes all of the required components, you can quickly design a compliant GHS label complete with the correct pictogram and signal words. You can also create your own templates to reuse as needed.

Using NiceLabel to Design GHS-Compliant Labels

Not to be outdone, NiceLabel offers its own GHS labeling solution with templates that can be easily modified. NiceLabel’s intuitive interface automatically populates the label with the appropriate warnings, statements, signal word, and pictogram after you’ve selected a chemical from its list. From there, you can add additional details such as the item’s fill weight, expiration date and lot number. You’ll see a live preview in the same screen as you enter the data. Once ready, click the print button.

NiceLabel also has a robust GHS data management system that you can use to manage chemical labeling. NiceLabel’s GHS design software also optimizes label space by autosizing fonts and wrapping text around pictograms, allowing you to squeeze as much required information as possible within your label’s printable area.

Which GHS Label Design Software is Best?

Both NiceLabel and BarTender are excellent label design applications offering robust GHS-compliant label design options. Either should work well, however you may prefer one over the other. The best way to find out is to try before you buy.

•Download a free 30-day trial version of Seagull Scientific BarTender GHS Label Design Software here .

•Download a free 30-day trial version of NiceLabel Pro 2017 Canada GHS Label Design Software here.

What Else Do You Need to Print GHS-Compliant Labels in Canada?

There’s more to the story than just pictograms, signal words, and warning statements. Your GHS labels will also need to meet rigorous standards for durability and adhesion. Thus, you will also need a GHS-compliant blank labels as well as a GHS label printer certified for use with your GHS label stock.

Below are a few excellent GHS color label printers to consider:

Epson TM-C3500 GHS Color Label Printer — Entry-level GHS-compliant color label printer. Perfect for low volume, 4-inch GHS labels.

Epson TM-C7500 GHS Color Label Printer — Fast, affordable GHS-compliant color label printer. Perfect for printing higher volumes of 4-inch GHS color labels.

Epson GP-C831 GHS Chemical Drum Color Label Printer — Rugged industrial-strength GHS color label printer. Adjustable width prints large format chemical drum labels up to 8” x 22”.