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SurePress Comparisons - Epson SurePress L4533 vs. HP Indigo 6900

SurePress Comparisons - Epson SurePress L4533 vs. HP Indigo 6900

Posted by BK on 22nd Jul 2019

Epson SurePress L4533AW vs. HP Indigo 6900

Epson’s SurePress L4533AW label press and HP’s Indigo 6900 are two impressive label presses intended for medium and high volume production environments. The Epson SurePress is much smaller and lighter than the massive 19-foot long, 12,000-pound Indigo and with a lower price tag. Despite its smaller size, it is a solid contender in this space. Here’s a look at the Epson SurePress L4533AW versus the HP Indigo 6900.

HP Indigo 6900

The HP Indigo 6900 label press is a versatile digital label press that accommodates short-run and long-run production with multiple SKUs, security features (for brand protection), and variable data. It prints a variety of materials including labels, flexible packaging, sleeves, and wraparound labels. An optional inline priming unit allows for on-demand treatment of substrates.

The HP Indigo 6900 shines with its color and brand protection features. It offers a wide portfolio of whites, up to 97 percent of Pantone® colors, and a full metallic gamut thanks to HP ElectroInk Silver. Specialized inks, such as florescent inks, security inks, and UV invisible inks, can be used with the HP Indigo 6900. Its brand protection and security features help combat counterfeiting. The HP Indigo 6900 also offers single pass embellishments. The optional HP Ready Pack for Labels provides high resistance against water.

The Indigo 6900 prints media up to 13.9 inches in width at speeds of up to 196 feet per minute (one- or two-color mode) or 98 feet per minute (four-color mode). It uses “One Shot” technology to transfer all color separations in a single pass. The Indigo 6900 supports 6- and 7-color printing. Its print resolution is 812 dpi for 8-bit and 2438 dpi using High Definition Imaging.

Epson SurePress L4533AW

The Epson SurePress L4533AW is a relative newcomer to the industry. It is intended for small and medium-sized manufacturers and label converters. The Epson SurePress L4533 packs a lot of great features into a much smaller footprint than the HP Indigo. Some of its highlights include:

•Accepts a variety of substrates including paper, films, metallics, and laminated pouches

•Easy-to-use touchscreen

•White ink capability

•Green and orange ink for a wider color gamut and color accuracy

•Fast variable data processing

•Sharp details thanks to Epson Micro Piezo printheads

•Smooth gradations

•Automated head maintenance, reduced cleaning requirements, and hot-swappable ink cartridges maximize uptime

•Uses water-based pigment inks, which are better for the environment than the inks used in the HP Indigo

•The pigment inks provide exceptional water- and abrasion-resistance on most substrates

There’s no need for a separate primer unit with the SurePress L4533 as this unit does not require substrate pre-treatment or coatings. The Epson SurePress L4533AW is an automated solution that offers unattended operation. Wasatch RIP software is included.

The Epson SurePress prints at a speed of up to 16 feet per minute on media ranging from 3.15 to 13 inches in width. Its print resolution is 720dpi for paper substrates and 1440dpi for film substrates.

The Epson SurePress L4533AW has the advantage over the HP Indigo 6900 in its environmental-friendliness. There are some concerns about the recyclability of products printed on HP Indigo label presses due to the chemical makeup of the inks used. The water-based inks in the SurePress L4533AW are much safer for the environment and the people who encounter them. There are no CMRs (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or toxic to Reproduction) in the inks used in the SurePress, and they are safe to vent into a workroom.

The Epson SurePress L4533AW is much smaller and lighter, and costs much less than the HP Indigo 6900. It measures 11.3' x 21.5' x 6.6' and weighs 3,815 pounds. In contrast, the HP Indigo measures 19’ x 12.9’ x12.9’ and weighs 12,157 pounds. If you get the inline priming unit, add another 4 and a half feet to the length and 4,000 pounds.

We offer competitive leasing terms, making the Epson SurePress L4533AW affordable for businesses that need to step up to a higher volume solution. Contact us today to learn more.