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Still Behind the Curve with GHS Compliance?

Still Behind the Curve with GHS Compliance?

Posted by BK on 2nd Jun 2018

Still Behind the Curve with GHS Compliance?

Phase 2 of Canada’s implementation of the international Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) began on June 2, 2018. During this phase, manufacturers and importers must now be in compliance with WHMIS 2015’s GHS requirements. For distributors and employers, GHS compliance remains optional. Distributors have until September 1st while employers will need to comply by December 1st. At that point, the implementation of GHS in Canada will be considered complete.

While there’s been plenty of notice, it’s important to comply with GHS — and it’s not necessarily as big a burden as you may imagine it to be. For example, special GHS color label printers, GHS-compliant label substrates, and software that includes all the icons and pictograms you need to include in your labels are all readily available.

It’s important to consider a variety of factors when selecting a GHS label printing solution. For example, companies that only need to print a handful of GHS labels in a month will require a different solution than those who print hundreds or thousands of them each day.

Here’s what most companies need in order to print their own GHS-compliant labels:

A GHS label printer — Not all label printers can produce GHS-compliant labels. For example, GHS labels need to be extremely durable and resistant to harsh exposures. This doesn’t just include the label material and adhesive, it also extends to the the ink or toner used to print the graphics and text.

GHS-compliant labels certified to be compliant with the GHS label that will be used to print the labels — It’s not enough to get a GHS-compliant label printer. The labels you print on must be certified as being GHS compliant when used with your GHS label printer. Thus, an Epson TM-C7500 GHS label printer will only produce GHS-compliant labels when used with GHS-BS5609-compliant labels certified for the Epson TM-C7500 label printer such as DuraFast TMC7500 chemical labels. Not only is the facestock of these labels able to withstand harsh environments for an extended time period, such as long-term immersion in seawater, their adhesives are also certified.

GHS pictographs / symbols — The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety offers a free WHMIS 2015 pictogram kit containing downloads of all the pictograms you’re likely to need when printing GHS labels.

Label design software — Finally, you’ll need software for designing and editing your GHS labels. We recommend either NiceLabel or BarTender. These programs include GHS pictograms, templates, and wizards designed to make GHS compliance simple and repeatable.

DuraFast® Label Company has helped many paint and chemical companies throughout Canada comply with the new GHS requirements. We can help you too. Whether you’re a manufacturer or importer who needs to get in compliance ASAP or a distributor or employer with a little more time, we can provide you with a reliable, high quality solution quickly. Contact us today to learn more.