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Printing Technology: Why Inkjet Verus Laser - The Epson Inkjet Advantage

Printing Technology: Why Inkjet Verus Laser - The Epson Inkjet Advantage

Posted by BK on 13th Oct 2020

With 3,555 inkjet patents, and counting, Epson owns more than 26% of patents held by major inkjet printer manufacturers. With its recent innovations in inkjet technology, today’s Epson business inkjet printers are changing how businesses approach printing and copying. Switching from laser to inkjet makes sense on many levels.

Advantages of inkjet versus laser include:

  • Low printing costs — One of the biggest advantages of Epson business inkjet printers over laser printers has to do with their low printing costs and low total cost of ownership with savings up to 50 percent. Epson makes colour printing affordable. Powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, the new generation of Epson colour printers provide industrial-grade, full colour printing without the heat or energy consumption of laser printers. These printers come with ultra-high-capacity ink systems such as Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), extra high yield cartridges, or “Supertanks,” which are the equivalent of dozens of ink cartridge sets. The energy and ink cost savings result in lower printing costs while automatic duplex printing reduces paper costs by up to 50 percent.
  • Fast drying, archival quality pigment inks — Epson DuraBrite Ink Technology delivers more ink at less cost with less intervention. These pigment inks dry instantly and do not smear or smudge. They offer brilliant colour that does not fade.
  • Easy serviceability — Heat-Free Technology coupled with the fact that Epson business inkjet printers have fewer parts than laser printers results in fewer breakdowns, fewer parts to replace, and better serviceability. There’s no need to wait for the printer to cool down before servicing, either.
  • Low energy consumption — Epson business inkjet printers, which are Energy Star qualified, use much less energy than their laser counterparts, resulting in lower electric bills. Since they do not generate heat, offices stay cooler, further helping to reduce energy consumption. Epson business inkjet printers use a standard 110-volt outlet whereas many business laser printers require a dedicated 220-volt outlet.
  • Increased productivity — Without a warmup time to heat the fuser, Epson business inkjet printers have a fast first page out. This means, they are already printing the print job while a laser is still warming up. Since Epson business inkjet printers feature high capacity ink systems, there are fewer interruptions as well due to printer interventions such as toner cartridge changes.
  • Broad media flexibility — You can use a broad range of media with Epson business inkjet printers including media that would be off limits with a laser printer due to heat and melting concerns.
  • Fast print speeds — Epson business inkjet printers come with different print speeds. The fastest of the bunch can reach print speeds of up to 100 ISO pages per minute.

With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area are making the switch to colour inkjet business printers. DuraFast Label Company has monthly packages that make colour printing affordable for businesses of all sizes in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for all-in-one colour printers for your remote workforce or need a network multifunction business inkjet printer for a small or large office, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.