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Meet the Epson WorkForce Pro Printers

Meet the Epson WorkForce Pro Printers

Posted by BK on 29th Aug 2019

Meet the Epson WorkForce Pro Printers

DuraFast Label Company, a long-time reseller of Epson ColorWorks colour label printers, is now selling Epson WorkForce Pro printers to customers across Canada. These Epson business inkjet printers bring full colour printing, speed, capacity, efficiency, and quality to busy workgroups — all powered by the same reliable Epson technologies you’ve come to love from Epson.

Epson’s WorkForce printers come in several families:

-Epson WorkForce

-Epson WorkForce Pro

-Epson WorkForce Pro RIPS

-Epson WorkForce Enterprise

Epson WorkForce Business Inkjet Printer Types

Within each family are various printer models offering a nice mix of features to ensure a good fit for your needs. To make it easier to select an Epson WorkForce business inkjet printer for your organization, it’s helpful to first decide whether you need a standard WorkForce, WorkForce Pro, WorkForce Pro RIPS, or WorkForce Enterprise. What’s the difference? Let’s take a look.

-Epson WorkForce — Best for 1 to 5 users who print between 1,300 and 4,000 pages per month, Epson WorkForce printers have the lowest price point and paper capacities (up to 501 sheets). The print speed falls in the mid range. Epson WorkForce printers offer a fantastic value, speed, and quality to small businesses.

-Epson WorkForce Pro — Epson WorkForce Pro printers are better suited to groups of from 1 to 10 users as they print faster and have higher paper capacities (up to 580 sheets). Like standard WorkForce printers, the initial investment is on the lower end. Epson WorkForce Pro printers are best when you have a monthly page volume of between 2,500 and 7,000 pages.

-Epson WorkForce Pro RIPS — Epson WorkForce Pro RIPS models make use of Epson’s Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), which can store a large volume of ink in your printer (up to 86,000 pages’ worth). WorkForce Pro RIPS business inkjet printers offer high speed printing and page capacities of up to 1,835 sheets. They are ideal for groups of 6 to 15 users with a monthly print volume of between 2,500 and 10,000 pages.

-Epson WorkForce Enterprise — The fastest of the bunch at up to 100 pages per minute, Epson WorkForce Enterprise printers are intended for workgroups of 20 or more users with a monthly print volume of between 8,000 and 10,000 pages. Epson WorkForce Enterprise printers have paper capacities of up to 5,350 sheets.

The Epson WorkForce Pro Difference

No matter which Epson WorkForce family is right for your business, these business inkjet printers have the features modern businesses need. Below are a few examples (features vary by model):

-Epson PrecisionCore technology

-Multifunction capabilities (print, fax, scan, and copy)

-Network connectivity

-Epson DuraBrite pigment inks

-Print-shop quality prints with laser-sharp text

-Energy savings (use up to 50 percent less power than laser printers)

-Remote printing

-Alexa printing

-Fast print speeds — up to 100 pages per minute

-High capacity ink cartridges or RIPS

-Long-term fade resistance - print longevity (up to 84 years)

-Significant cost savings compared to colour laser printers

-Excellent in-box warranty and extended service plans available

Browse the Epson WorkForce Pro printers today.