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GHS Compliance Deadline for Employers was December 1, 2018 in Canada

GHS Compliance Deadline for Employers was December 1, 2018 in Canada

Posted by BK on 5th Aug 2019

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Is your business in compliance?

December 1, 2018 was the final deadline for Canada’s GHS labeling regulations under WHMIS 2015. By now, all manufacturers, importers, distributors, and employers should be in full compliance as Canada’s transition to GHS is now complete.

It’s been a three-year process, and there are likely many companies who have procrastinated and may not be fully in compliance. Don’t let this be you as the penalties for non-compliance are severe. For example, you could face:

  • A fine of up to $250,000
  • Up to six months in prison
  • Or both
  • Subsequent violations increase the fine up to $500,000 and the prison term up to 18 months.

    If you’re an employer in Canada, the deadline for WHMIS 2015 compliance has passed. So, what are your responsibilities? One of the many aspects of WHYMIS 2015 involves properly identifying and labeling hazardous products in the workplace. These labels serve an important job in:

  • Protecting employees from harm
  • Providing specific protective measures to avoid exposure and harmful effects
  • Provide mitigation steps to take in case of accidental exposure — in large text that can be easy to find and read
  • It’s important to note that your hazardous GHS labels aren’t just for your employees. First responders such as paramedics and firefighters need accurate, detailed information in the case of an accident — and they may need to read that information from a distance.

    There’s a lot of standard information and pictograms that must be included on your GHS labels, and the GHS labels themselves must be able to withstand chemical exposures. This isn’t a simple matter of getting blank label stock from the local office supply store and making your own labels. You need a GHS label printer with synthetic GHS label materials as well as the appropriate pictograms, required warnings, and templates.

    In addition to the content itself, GHS labels must withstand harsh environments. The idea here is to print durable GHS labels that won’t fade, disintegrate, detach, or otherwise become illegible even after long-term exposure to the elements.

    Synthetic GHS label stock is much more durable than paper labels. In order to ensure lasting label information, the printed images and text must also be durable, which is why color inkjet GHS label printers use pigment inks rather than dye inks. These inks are much more resistant to UV light, water, oil, and chemical exposures and the adhesives must be strong and permanent.

    Look for GHS label printers and GHS label stock that have been certified to meet British Standard 5609 (BS5609), which tests for label and adhesive durability after 6 months immersion in sea water. It’s important to note that BS5609 label stock is certified for use with specific printers, so take care to select GHS labels that are BS5609 certified for the GHS printer you will be using.

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