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Epson SurePress L6034 vs HP Indigo 20000

Epson SurePress L6034 vs HP Indigo 20000

Posted by BK on 14th May 2019

The elite HP Indigo 20000 is the crème of the crop as far as digital label presses go, but it could be overkill depending on the type and volume of your print runs. The Epson SurePress L6034 is another exceptional press worth considering, and it comes in at less than half the cost. Here’s a quick look at how the two compare.

Epson SurePress L6034V / L6034VW HP Indigo 20000
Price range $669,250 More than $1.5 million
Technology Epson PrecisionCore Inkjet with “Pinning” Technology HP Liquid Electrophotography
Ink type LED UV inks; CMYK+ MultiVarnish (L6034V); CMYK+MultiVarnish+White (L6034VW)White; digital varnish; fast-drying, durable inks produce labels suitable for severe environments HP Indigo ElectroInk; CMYK or IndiChrome 6- or 7-process color; ElectroInk White
Media type 13.4-inch width; self-adhesive label stock, PP, PE, and PET, coated paper, uncoated paper, and cast-coated paper 30-inch web width; paper and synthetic substrates, pressure-sensitive label stock, IML, and shrink materials
Print quality 600 dpi 812 dpi; matches gravure quality; safe for primary food packaging
Color gamut Digital quality color gamut, tonal gradation, flat print, and lack of graininess Color gamut reaches up to 97% of PANTONE® colors
Speed 15 meters per minute (49.21 feet per minute) Up to 135 linear feet per minute in full color and up to 55,119 square feet per hour
Press Dimensions 13.75' x 6.73' x 6.99' 31.9’ x 7.87’ x 15.4’
Uses Labels, flexible packaging, clear and metallized films; short- to mid-run production Labels, shrink sleeves, wraparound labels, flexible packaging, and in-mold labeling applications; ultra high volume production runs
Best for Mid-sized manufacturers, commercial printing facilities, and converters Large manufacturers and converters with ultra high volume requirements
Maintenance and operation In-line maintenance; unattended operation; simple operation Complex maintenance workflow and operator training requirements