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Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 Color Label Printers Now Available in Canada

Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 Color Label Printers Now Available in Canada

Posted by BK on 14th Dec 2019

Enterprise businesses across Canada have been eagerly awaiting the new Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 color inkjet label printers. This family of printers includes two 4-inch models and two 8-inch models as follows:

  • Epson CW-C6000A — Auto cutter, 4-inch version, supports 8” OD label rolls
  • Epson VW-C6000P — Peeler, 4-inch version, supports 8” OD label rolls
  • Epson CW-C6500A — Auto cutter, 8-inch version, supports 6” OD label rolls
  • Epson CW-C6500P — Peeler 8-inch version, supports 6” OD label rolls

All four of the color label printers in this series offer the following features:

  • Print resolution: Up to 1200dpi
  • Print speed: Up to 5 inches per second
  •  Ink Type: Epson UltraChrome DL pigment ink
  • Print technology: Epson PrecisionCore TFP serial printhead technology
  • Drivers: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Remote printer management: Yes
  • Compatibility: Broad compatibility including ZPL II, ESC/Label, SAP, and various middleware
  • BS5609 certification: Yes, when used with DuraFast Chemical labels
  • Applicator I/O control port included

The biggest differences between the Epson CW-C6500 (January 2020) and the Epson CW-C6000 (May 2020) involve their label sizes and how labels are handled after printing.

  • 4-inch models: Epson CW-C6000A and Epson CW-C6000P (Canadian shipments start May 18, 2020)
  • 8-inch models: Epson CW-6500A and Epson CW-C6500P (Canadian shipments start January 13, 2010)

You’ll notice that the model numbers end with either an ‘A’ or ‘P,’ which stand for Auto Cutter (A) and Peeler (P) respectively. Models with an auto cutter can cut labels of varying lengths while models with the peeler will peel the label off the liner and present it to the operator. This peel-and-present feature is a first in Canada for color inkjet label printers, and it’s ideal for situations where you need to quickly remove and apply labels by hand.

Epson C6000/C6500 Series Models Available in Canada

Epson CW-C6000A Epson CW-C6000P Epson CW-C6500A Epson CW-C6500P
4-inch labels 4-inch labels 8-inch labels 8-inch labels
Auto cutter Peeler Auto cutter Peeler
External Unwinder for 10” OD rolls available) Supports 8” OD label rolls (optional External Unwinder for 10” OD rolls available) Supports 6” OD label rolls (optional External Unwinder for 10” OD rolls available) Supports 6” OD label rolls (optional External Unwinder for 10” OD rolls available)
Epson Part Number Epson Part Number Epson Part Number Epson Part Number
C31CH76101 C31CH76201 C31CH77101 C31CH77201

Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 Labels

Epson ColorWorks C6500 and C6000 color label printers work with a variety of media types including standard die cut labels, continuous labels, matte paper labels, gloss paper labels, matte and high gloss synthetic labels, and chemical labels for GHS BS5609 compliance. DuraFast Label Company has a large inventory of C6000 / C6500 labels in stock and ready for immediate shipment across Canada.

Check out our selection of Epson CW-C6500 labels for the CW-6500A and CS-C6500P printer models. All these label rolls come in 6’ OD rolls and up to 8-inch-wide labels are offered.

For the Epson CW-C6000 labels, just check out all our Epson TM-C7500 labels, where you will find a selection of 6” OD and 8” OD label rolls up to 4” wide. All our TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G label rolls will work with the C6000 models.

We can also make custom C6000/C6500 labels per your request in any size or shape. Request a custom C6000 / C6500 label quote today.

Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 Inks

Both the CW-C6000 and the CW-C6500 color label printers take four large 70ml individual pigment ink CMYK cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). We carry all of the Epson C6000/C6500 inkcartridges and maintenance box in our Toronto distribution center and can ship to locations across Canada, usually the same day.

Model Part Number Description
Media Spindle 4" C32C881101 Extra media spindle for 4" printers
Media Spindle 8" C32C881301 Extra media spindle for 8" printers
SJIC35P(K) C13T44B120 Epson C6000/C6500 Ink Cartridge - Black
SJIC35P(C) C13T44B220 Epson C6000/C6500 Ink Cartridge - Cyan
SJIC35P(M) C13T44B320 Epson C6000/C6500 Ink Cartridge - Magenta
SJIC35P(Y) C13T44B420 Epson C6000/C6500 Ink Cartridge - Yellow
SJMB6000/6500 C33S021501 Epson C6000/C6500 Maintenance Box

What is the spindle?

The spindle is a removable part that holds the label roll. With extra media spindles, you can preload label rolls onto their own spindle and then easily change label rolls as needed.

What is the size of the ink cartridges?

All of the ink cartridges contain 70ml of pigment ink.

What is the maintenance box? And how often do I need to buy it?

A maintenance box is used to collect the excess ink used during printhead cleaning. It must be replaced when it gets full, which will depend on how often the printheads are cleaned. We recommend having extra maintenance boxes on hand for your printers.

How Do Epson ColorWorks C6000/C6500 Label Printers Fit into the ColorWorks Family?

Epson’s other ColorWorks color label printers such as the Epson TM-C3500 and Epson TM-C7500 are primarily designed for small and mid-sized businesses where they are used as a stand-alone color label printing station while the Epson CW-C6000 and CW-C6500 color label printers are designed specifically for the enterprise label printing market. As such, they have a different feature set with the needs of enterprise label production in mind.

Enterprise organizations need fast, reliable fleets of printers that can integrate with enterprise applications like SAP and be managed remotely. The Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 color label printers offer these capabilities while the others in the ColorWorks family do not. The Epson ColorWorks C6500 and C6000 color label printers also use PrecisionCore serial technology, which does require additional printhead passes at higher resolutions.

Epson CW-C6000/CW-C6500 Warranty Programs

Since the Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 color label printers are intended for mission-critical label production, downtime must be kept to a minimum. Customers in Canada have the option to choose up to three years of either Spare in the Air or Onsite Service warranty programs.

- Spare in the Air: If Epson’s tech support team cannot resolve a warranty problem over the phone, they will ship a replacement printer within two business days.

- On-site-Service: If you’d prefer onsite repairs, this is the program to choose as Epson will send a service technician to your business to resolve any warranty issues.

If I order an Epson ColorWorks C6000 or C6500 printer today, how quickly can I get one in my production factory in Vancouver, British Columbia?

The ColorWorks C6500A and C6500P, the two 8” wide versions will start shipping on January 13, 2020 from our Toronto distribution center for our Canadian customers. So, allow for 5 days service via UPS ground to Vancouver. Customers in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Montreal, Quebec areas would receive them within 2 business days. Customers in Calgary, Alberta would get them within 4 business days from the time of shipment.

The ColorWorks C6000A and C6000P, the two 4” wide versions will start shipping on May 18, 2020 from our Toronto, Ontario distribution center to customers across Canada.

Pre-order Promotion – All pre-orders placed on the website will quality for $1,000 in free label credit. You must use your preorder discount code: C6500PRE. Just add the printer to the shopping cart, add the desired label rolls, and enter the discount code during checkout.

Do you want to deploy a large number of color label printers in your enterprise? Then talk to one of our specialists and we will see how we can assist you in getting the Epson C6500/C6000 qualified for your deployment. We have engineers available to assist you with your deployment.