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End of Life has Arrived for the Primera LX1000 Label Printer

End of Life has Arrived for the Primera LX1000 Label Printer

Posted by BK on 1st Jul 2018

End of Life has Arrived for the Primera LX1000 Label Printer

The Primera LX1000, a pigment ink-based color label printer manufactured by Primera Technology, has officially reached its end of life, or EOL, as of June 1, 2018. This means that Primera Technology has discontinued the LX1000 and will no longer ship it. It also means that support, service, parts, and ink cartridges will eventually disappear (though you should be able to get ink cartridges for at least three years from now).

What Happens Next?

According to Primera’s recent announcement, Primera Technology will continue to provide service and support for as long as parts last, and that they will supply ink cartridges for the LX1000 for at least three years from the EOL date. To further soothe any jittery nerves you might have about this announcement, Primera Technology also noted that the there are no plans to discontinue the Primera LX2000, the LX1000’s nearly identical sibling. Thus, parts, supplies, and ink are all expected to be available for an extended time beyond three years from EOL.

We Have Answers

Whenever news of a popular label printer being discontinued hits, we tend to get a lot of questions from existing and prospective users.

Existing users often wonder if perhaps they made a bad decision purchasing a label printer that the manufacturer is no longer invested in. Rest assured, your original decision was a good one at the time. The LX1000 is a solid printer that’s simply reached the end of its life. Newer printers have since arrived with additional features or more desirable traits like faster print speeds or lower ink costs. In fact, we’d like to point out that we have been recommending the LX1000 over the LX2000 because they’re nearly identical but the LX1000 was actually the better deal because it cost $1,000 less than its slightly better-equipped sibling.

Prospective LX1000 buyers may wonder if it’s too late to buy an LX1000. Not necessarily, we may even have a few left in stock. However, we suggest looking at the Afinia L501 pigment or Afinia L501 DUO color label printer instead of scrambling to order a discontinued LX1000. Now is the perfect time to consider the L501. It features DUO Ink Technology, which means the L501 label printer can print with either a pigment printhead and pigment inks or a dye printhead and dye inks. You could use the L501 to print durable chemical labels one day and photo quality product labels the next.

Moreover, the Afinia L501 is much faster than the LX1000 and has much lower ink costs per label. Over time, the cost and time savings can really add up.

Where to Go from Here

Whether you simply need a reliable pigment ink label printer or would like to use a single printer to handle all of your industrial and product label printing requirements, we think you’ll be impressed by all the Afinia L501 has to offer. Check it out here or give us a call to discuss your label printing needs.