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Current State of Cannabis: Alberta Cannabis Laws

Posted by BK on 9th Jan 2018

As Canada prepares to implement the Cannabis Act by July 2018, Alberta has taken steps of its own to determine how it will adapt the federal legislation. Bill 26, An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis, and Bill 29, An Act to Reduce Cannabis and Alcohol Impaired Driving were introduced in November 2017, proposing the following Alberta Cannabis Framework:

  • Alignment with minimum age requirements for purchasing and consuming alcohol and tobacco products, which is 18+.
  • Authorization of cannabis sales overseen by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC). All sales will be regulated through the AGLC with private, licensed retail stores selling cannabis in person and the AGLC handling online sales. Retail stores selling cannabis may not sell alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals.
  • Penalties for cannabis-impaired driving will be the same as those for alcohol-impaired driving.

As with other provinces in Canada, Alberta’s cannabis legislation is still evolving. In early 2018, the Alberta government intends to develop supporting regulations concerning retail licensing, workplace safety, and taxing authority.

Cannabis in Alberta Highlights

  • Legal age: 18+
  • Possession: Up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public; no restrictions at home
  • Home cultivation: Up to four marijuana plants per residence
  • Public use: In some public areas where smoking is allowed; allowed in private residences; banned in motor vehicles and some public spaces such as hospitals, schools, playing fields, parks, zoos, and more.
  • Where to buy: Private retail establishments in Alberta or online

Cannabis Labeling in Alberta

The Canadian government’s proposed cannabis labeling, packaging, and advertising rules are strict and designed to ensure that the cannabis products are not appealing to children and that safety information is readily understood by consumers. Cannabis suppliers and retailers responsible for cannabis labeling and packaging in Alberta will need to comply with Canada’s Cannabis Act regulations and any rules imposed by Alberta in this regard. 

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